Psychological Analytics

The main predictor of whether visitors will return to your website and become long-term customers is not conversion but rather experience, in other words, how they feel about your brand. By understanding how in-page content elements affect visitors’ state of mind, businesses gain a new level of experience intelligence that enable them to significantly improve user experience and optimize business outcomes.

Clicktale Psychological Analytics marries Big Data with applied psychological research to help brands understand:

  • Whether visitors are disinterested, confused, exploring or engaged
  • Which website experiences are causing negative or positive reactions among your visitors
  • How to achieve the optimal mindset for each type of page on your site
  • How the distribution of visitors’ mindsets on your site compares with others in your industry
  • Where visitor journeys switch from being positive to negative (i.e. focused to disoriented) or vice versa

… among numerous other questions.

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