How USAA uses insight and analytics to understand true digital behavior

It has become critical for brands to understand the difference between the experience customers are actually having vs what we think they are doing. Are the metrics and data points you’re analyzing giving you the full picture of what your customers are seeing and doing?

In this digital experience masterclass, Matt Schaub, Digital Product Manager, Digital Operational Reporting and Visualization at USAA, explores how he uses digital insight and analytics to better understand customer behavior and deliver world-class digital experiences.

Watch now to discover:

  • Why conversion is not representative of the experiences that customers are having
  • How a data-driven approach to understanding digital behavior is helping USAA become more customer-centric
  • Where technology and analytics have helped provide a new perspective on their customers’ digital journey
  • Real life examples of USAA using its ‘digital tool belt’ to identify and solve customer friction and deliver better experiences
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