How to uncover human behavior behind the mobile screen

Mobile is shaping human behavior. Building experiences for our customers that are mobile friendly and compatible for consumption on multiple devices or channels is simply not enough...

The customer of today accesses your brand through myriad of device swapping interactions. With the ever-growing number of connected devices acting as a gateway to your brand, how do you focus on tapping into the human experiences that lies behind the rich data?

In this webinar, Dr. Shira Agasi, PhD, Senior Data Scientist and Researcher at Clicktale, examines the human insight gained from digital channels to offer fresh perspective on mobile behavior:

  • The key mobile behavior trends to consider when analyzing data and building experiences
  • What these data sets can teach you more about your customers mindset and intent
  • What first-party and third-party data sets you should be seeking to better understand your customers in digital channels
  • How to apply a framework for extracting the right insights from these data sets
  • Why you need to think differently about the data that exists within your business
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