When it comes to your customers’ online experience, how do you know you got it right?

World-leading mobile communications provider T-Mobile was looking to gauge digital customer behaviors, understand the meaning behind these behaviors, and ultimately perfect the digital experience.

Part of this process of becoming truly customer-centric is to actually listen to customers, rather than making judgements on what we think they are doing. If the rule of digitization is correct – that 80% of everything that is put online doesn’t work in the way it was planned to – then brands need to find a way to stop guessing, and start measuring.

In the video below, you can watch T-Mobile’s VP Digital Journeys, Giles Richardson, talk about the value of testing different hypotheses on specific pages, and how it helps accurately understand customers' online experiences. Ultimately, this gives a wider understanding of what needs to change in their digital properties for more mutually-rewarding customer engagements.


To learn more about the value of understanding digital customers and how it impacts their experiences, you can watch the full video of Giles discussing T-Mobile’s approach to digital experience by clicking on the banner below:

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