What is digital customer experience and why does it matter?

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So What is Digital Customer Experience and Why Does it Matter?

Managing customer experience is not like the old days where you parked a polite, well groomed greeter at your shop's entrance to ask customers if they had a good day. I'm simplifying of course, but with the advent of digital, customer experience is now more complex and yet can be more rewarding  than ever before.

The challenge for companies today is how to deliver a consistent brand at every point where they touch their potential customers. The so-called 'omni-channel' customer connects with a company by many means; physically walking into a shop, speaking to a representative by phone, but also via a host of online channels; websites, mobile and tablet for instance. These web channels represent a growing investment for companies and increasingly, the only way that customers connect at all with a company, service or product.

62% of European Online Shoppers Made Purchases via Tablet

In a 2013 study of the online shopper by UPS for example, the survey found that of the more than 400 million online shoppers in Europe, over half own a smartphone and about a third own a tablet. Of these, 62% of consumers (nearly 100 million people) made purchases on their tablets. The implication is clear; companies with an online presence must pay attention that their online experience aligns with the company's goals.

Digital Customers are Looking for a Seamless Experience


Some more interesting results from the same survey found that "Most omni-channel shoppers prefer online methods of access to retailers, but they are also looking for a seamless omni-channel experience."

The same respondents were looking for an experience that includes specific functionality:

  1. the ability to shop online and then collect in store
  2. the option to conduct one-click checkout and;
  3. the ability to shop online and return a product to a store

And a failure or process disconnect at any one of these points can impact the entire brand. Like dominoes, an entire brand can stand or fall upon the weight of a single channel experience.

And Some Pertinent Questions:

To these customer 'demands' we can now add some questions:

  1. To what extent do we know how well a company provides the above sort of functionality?
  2. How well do companies manage the same functionality across different devices and channels?
  3. Is the customers' actual experience in line with what the company believes it to be? (surveys say no!)
  4. And if not, what sort of damage is the attrition having on overall brand perception and business revenue?

It is these and similar questions that frame the challenge for the Digital Customer Experience analyst and consultant - as well as the software designers out there creating the tools to monitor that experience.

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