Web optimization: it's not just about the analytics!

Quantitative Analytics Show the 'What'

Quantitative analytics such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics we’re all very familiar with: They’re about the numbers, the stats, the metrics that act like the heart rate monitor of a website and business. And they are essential.

The power of web analytics lies in trends that show you what's happening and what's changing on your online channels. Knowing that your website received 20,000 visitors to your product download page last month is fine. But knowing that that's a 35% increase over the year before is powerful knowledge.

In the same way, intuitively feeling is less powerful than facts. So 'feeling' that a form isn't user friendly is very different from seeing that it has a 90% abandonment rate. That knowledge can act as a red flag, spurring urgent investigation.

Qualitative Insights Show the 'Why'

Qualitative insights add a different dimension. In the digital world, qualitative insights aren't simply about the numbers, they’re about the interactions and experience customers have on your website - the why.

And it's important because it tells us if our individual customer is able to find what they're looking for or not, whether they're frustrated or confused, which content catches their eye, what they click on, if they're leaving a page before they checkout, and if so, why they dropped out.

And of course, most businesses will more than likely be using quantitative web analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics on a daily basis. But if they're not yet seriously examining their qualitative data, then they're not fully understanding their customers. And that can be an expensive undertaking. 

Adobe Analytics and Clicktale Integration: Quantity AND Quality

If tools such as Adobe Analytics provide a quantitative analysis of customer experience (the pathways that customers take from page-to-page), then Clicktale provides the qualitative insights into that experience (the interactions that customers have within the journey). It's not a matter of quality vs. quantity. You need both if you really want to optimize your website, drive conversion on your online channels and increase the return from your digital investments.

In the video below David Humpherys of Adobe Analytics and Joseph Fuerst of Clicktale discuss how to deliver revenue-winning digital customer experience by integrating Adobe Analytics and Clicktale.


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