Watch customers fumble conversion opportunities with new Clicktale search

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How well does your site convert visitors?
Are you frustrated with low shopping cart abandonment statistics?
Whether for a shopping cart, landing page, online form or any other conversion point, you most likely know the pain of lost conversions all too well.

Shopping cart abandonment statistics and other conversion problems have never been easy to identify, let alone analyze, until now.

Clicktale comes to the rescue with a revamped and expanded Search feature, offering a wide variety of filters which help you find, analyze and solve your conversion problems.

Search filters

Watch Customers as they Fumble Conversion Opportunities that Cost You Profits

Using the Clicktale API, you can create custom Tags for any event.
For example:

  1. Create a Tag for all customers who place an item in a shopping cart, and
  2. Another for those who successfully make a purchase.

This shopping cart abandonment statistics will allow you to discover visitors who began the purchasing process, but fail to complete it, to better understand why visitors abandon the process.

The Clicktale Search results provide video recordings of your actual customer sessions, so that now you can discover and understand the problems which stop your customers from converting.

Tags are just one example of the powerful Clicktale Search feature set; there are over two dozen search filters, including:

  • Dates: When visitors browsed your website.
  • Pages Viewed: By visitors inside your website.
  • Referrer URL: Where visitors came from.
  • Visitor Activity: Tags, Click Count, Mouse Move Count, Scrolling Distance, and more.
  • Demographics: Countries, Languages, Browser, Platform, Time Zone, IP Address, and more.
  • Intervals: Visitor Active Time, Visitor Page Count, Page Open Time, and Page Load Time.
  • Dimensions: Fold Height, Screen Dimensions and Web Page Dimensions.


Let's have a closer look at a few of the filters:

Visitor Page Count

Page count filter

This filter indicates how many total pages the visitor visited. This allows you to see how visitors who view different numbers of pages behave.

When visitors view too many or too few pages, it's often an indicator of site usability issues.

Visitor active time

ActiveTime filter

Indicates how long a visitor actively used your site. Clicktale counts every time your visitor does something, like move the mouse, enter text, scroll, etc.

Visitors who spend a long time on your site are either loyal customers, or might be experiencing serious problems. In either case, you need to find them and watch them.

Fold height

Fold height filter

This neat filter displays the average fold heights of the viewable page, as seen by your visitors. We see here two peaks, representing the two most common page fold heights as viewed by your sites visitors. The first is at 580 pixels, and the second at 850 pixels (approximations). Now you can understand how visitors with different screens and browsers experience your website.

A Real World Example

We use the Search function on our own website to find shopping cart abandonment statistics, and analyze and solve conversion problems. We wanted to discover the visitors who didn't subscribe to our service and understand why. We conducted the following search:

Find visitors who:

  1. Landed on our signup page, during the first 2 weeks of November
  2. Scrolled down to the page bottom
  3. Didn't click Submit on the Clicktale sign-up form

Search example

The resulting visitor video sessions helped us uncover that our signup form was perceived as too complex and uninviting, intimidating many potential subscribers. Many users who entered the form page scrolled down, without filling in the form, and left the page. Using Clicktale's Form Analytics we confirmed this observation, and began revamping our signup form.

Clicktale search can help you discover and understand your lost conversions

These simple and powerful Search features will help you:

  1. Solve classic black-hole-like conversion problems,
  2. Lead more customers to successful purchases, and
  3. Generally improve your sites conversion points.

Now, you can better understand shopping cart abandonment statistics, or why visitors start, but fail to complete a purchase; discover visitors who arrive at a landing page but don't convert; and watch as visitors interact with your online forms but don't submit them.

Finally, you can save these searches for continued future use, comparative analytics, and to generally monitor your improvement measures.

The Clicktale Search as well as the other valuable reports are currently available for free. Simply sign up for a Free Clicktale subscription*.

*Terms and services have changed since the publication of this article.

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