Two-step form redesign; online content case study with SEOgadget

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SEOgadget, a new Clicktale partner, had the opportunity to work with content website, ITHound, an industry leading business technology research library looking to improve performance on their website. They offer free technology whitepapers, analyst reports, case studies, product specs and webinars.


ITHound was having trouble increasing the number of sign-ups from the registration page.


To improve performance and understand what was happening on the registration page, SEOgadget needed to redesign the form layout and structure, as well as optimize the content on the page.
They decided to use the Conversion Funnel Drill-Down, to understand where users were dropping off on the way to registration and why. By watching actual Visitor Recordings at each funnel step, they could see how users were engaging with the registration form.

The primary tool used for optimization was Form Analytics which provided a more in-depth view of visitor interaction within the form.

Analysis & Findings

Part 1 - After drilling down at specific funnel steps, individual user browsing sessions were viewed to find out how users interacted within the form and what was causing them to leave. The recordings revealed that users tended to scroll down the registration page, click the back button on their browser and then re-enter via the download button.

Conversion Funnel Drill-Down Results

This prompted SEOgadget to consider whether the size of the form was acting as a barrier to conversion. Furthermore, they questioned whether users were trying to find another way of acquiring whitepapers without having to register on the site.

Part 2 – Form Analytics was used to provide a quick overview of where users abandoned the page (drop report), how long it took for users to complete the form, which fields were left blank and which fields were refilled.

Form Analytics Refill Report

The drop report showed the most abandoned field to be the “confirm email” field. It was decided to remove this field and any extra fields that had no value. Additionally, the refill rate was high, indicating that users were struggling on certain form fields.

Form Analytics Drop Report

Changes & Results

Based on SEOgadget’s analysis, changes made to the form include:

  • Shortening the form (reducing the amount of fields)
  • Adding a benefits section
  • Adding a form validation.

Combined with conversion optimization techniques, SEOgadget split tested the designs in Google Website Optimizer. This brought their client substantial revenue uplift for the month and had a permanent effect for consecutive months.

SEOgadget used Form Analytics to measure the impact of the new form during testing and it showed significant improvement.

  • Abandonment decreased to 40.7% down from 51.4%.
  • Time to complete the form was down to 4.23 minutes from 5.09 minutes.
  • The refill rate dropped from 2.7% to 0%.

Original Form

Form leads successfully increased by 11.8%!

Winning Form

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