The state of digital experience in 2019

PwC recently argued that “experience is everything”. It’s more important than your product, your price and almost anything else you do as a business — and it’s hard to disagree with that now.

We’ve well and truly entered the “experience age”, where customers rate the brands they interact with on the experience they offer. In fact, more than half of customers (59%) will walk away from a brand after a string of bad experiences, while nearly one in five people will abandon a brand after just one bad experience, according to PwC.

Given how fickle consumers are becoming, and the complexity of their potential interaction across multiple digital touchpoints, it’s now more important than ever to pay attention to “digital experience”.

But how are brands getting on with their digital experience efforts?

To answer this question, Clicktale worked with CX Network to commission research with 200 marketing and CX professionals working in some of the world’s leading brands. The results? There’s still a lot of work to do to get it right.

Exploring this research, our new 'Defining Digital Experience' report examines:

  • How brands are approaching digital strategy
  • How brands are currently building a digital experience capability
  • Who is taking ownership of the digital experience function
  • How brands are falling down with regards to digital experience
  • What’s likely to hold digital experience back from future progression

Download the report now to gain an understanding of where your current organization sits in comparison to the brands we researched.

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