The relationship between stress and shopping in the age of digital experiences

For today’s businesses, experience is the shortcut to success. Brands can excel by understanding that experience is made up of feelings and emotions, and that a good experience should leave customers feeling positive, relaxed and eager to return in future.

When it comes to ecommerce, this positive consumer mindset should be easier than ever for retailers to achieve. There’s no crowded storefronts, no waiting in lines, and no pesky shop assistants following customers around. And yet, our research shows that many consumers are feeling more stressed when shopping online.

So just how did shopping become so stressful, and whatever happened to relaxing ‘retail therapy’?

To understand the psychology of shopping we must first come to terms with the fact that we are all fundamentally emotional when we shop. So much of what we buy is driven by in-the-moment decision making, and this in turn makes it (almost) impossible for brands to predict customer moods and maximise experiences online.

It’s crucial that retailers and brands think of customer experience as an emotional journey, and work to resolve problems to effectively alleviate stress rather than to escalate it. After all, the better the customer experience, the better the customer retention.

Our new research Stress Shopping’ report examines how brands can address the emotional stressors throughout their customer journeys, building insights through the eyes of consumers themselves. Find out: 

  • How shopping is impacted by customer mindsets and consumer stress
  • The emotional stimuli influencing purchasing behaviour
  • The micro-stressors like poor website design that can impact customers
  • How mitigating customer pain points can deliver true business value and ROI

Download the report and start providing a first-class experience for your customers across all your mobile and web platforms.

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