The key reason your company isn’t optimizing conversion rates and ROI

Last week we shared the results of the survey we ran with leading companies about the main marketing challenges they face. The complex obstacles online marketers face nowadays can be handled by offering an optimized Digital Customer Experience (DCX).

 What is DCX?

To remain competitive in an ecosystem filled with customer-centric companies, businesses must engage and connect with their customers. Only once you truly understand your customers’ needs and intentions, can you provide an effective DCX. By doing so, you offer an optimized online experience for your customers and visitors, facilitating a smooth customer journey that leads to higher conversion rates and overall higher ROI.

Major Elements of DCX

While DCX optimization incorporates many facets, there are six key elements to consider for gaining the quickest and highest returns:


1.  The Big Picture

To master DCX is to be able to envision the complete end-to-end digital online customer interaction. Attract customer awareness through consideration, acquisition and eventually retention, loyalty and brand advocacy.

When applying DCX to your online marketing strategy, you should incorporate it into an optimization cycle. It should include assessing analytics to reveal your audience’s digital customer behavior.

Notwithstanding the big picture, analyzing the details of each digital touch-point, and the customer experience within it, is crucial for DCX success. Customers expect real-time, multi-channel, seamless digital experiences. While it is the big picture that heightens the brand’s image, a single poor digital interaction can shatter the most carefully planned DCX.

2. Clear Intentions

To optimize DCX, you need to clearly understand your customers’ intentions from each digital interaction. To offer a positive experience, you have to satisfy their intent; but their intent when leaving a comment on social media may be very different from their intent when emailing support.

By using tools such as Clicktale's Heat maps and Session Playbacks, you can see your customers’ hesitation, confusion, frustration and even technical server-based errors that hamper the online experience; all critical factors for truly understanding what your customers are actually experiencing.

3. Make a Connection

44% of companies realize that DCX is the key differentiator from their competitors. But what many companies don’t realize is that the true winners are the companies who forge a stronger emotional connection with their customers. This is done by knowing who your customers are and understanding their intentions through DCX analytics, rather than just assuming you already know them and their needs.

4. Understand the Experience Behind the Numbers

For a truly effective DCX you need to be able to measure your activities in order to constantly optimize them, as discussed mentioned in point #1. Although it might sound daunting, with the right tools you don’t have to start from zero: you could, and should, leverage your existing web analytics and empower them with additional insights that look at the in-page behavior of your customers.

Also, don’t overlook the importance of analyzing your web page elements, such as the placement of your Call To Action button, to see what promotes, and detracts, from the clarity and quality of the online experience.

Optimize Digital Customer Experience

5. The Need for Speed

As customers, our attention span and patience are getting shorter. We expect solutions, responses and emotions to be served quickly. A visually appealing customer experience loses its importance if the customer won’t stick around long enough to experience it. When optimizing all digital touch-points for effectiveness, you must consider their effect on upload and operational speed.

6. Personalize

The trend of personalizing DCX is growing for valid reason. 72% of marketers experience good ROI after personalizing and 74% of consumers get frustrated with sites in which content is not personalized (Source). When optimizing your DCX strategy, make sure you personalize based on as much information as you have about the customers based on customer personas, as well as traditional and customer behavior analytics tools.

Practical Integration: Windstream’s Use Case

To reap the benefits of DCX, implementing tools such as Clicktale, empower your existing traditional web analytics tools and provide valuable insights that are not otherwise available. Listen to this webinar to learn how Windstream used Clicktale to optimize its DCX, empower its online analytics tools and increase ROI.

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