The impact of not understanding your online customers


In this previous blog post we delved into one of the salient challenges facing marketing today: The fact that we don't know enough about the vast majority of website visitors who inexplicably leave a website. We don't know enough about why they leave. And we don't know the specific issues, if any, that were responsible for their negative experience.

But, we do know the impact of those lost visitors on the business. We've even provided these 4 facts to support the case in our last blog post.

In this new infographic below, we take it a step further by showing, not only the business impact of not understanding your website visitors (loss of revenue, customer churn, higher costs and damage to your brand),  but also what you can do about it with Clicktale, using the company's in-page customer experience technology that gives you a real, over-the-shoulder view of your customers' digital experience.

To really understand how Clicktale works, it's worth experiencing a one-to-one demo. If you're an enterprise company that cares about your customers' online experience, there is no better time than now to see how Clicktale can help.

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