Takeaways from the Clicktale experience at London’s Festival of Marketing

Festival of Marketing London

Sharing the Clicktale experience in the modern marketing celebration at the Festival of Marketing in London.
This two-day conference and expo was packed with great speaking sessions, covering some really interesting topics and visited by leading industry professionals. From Data and Analytics to Personalization, Social and of course Customer Experience, this festival had it all and was a great opportunity to learn the latest and greatest in digital marketing.

Content was not the only thing on offer. The festival made sure to entertain attendees during breaks with cool experience rooms. Being a leader in Digital Customer Experience, we had to be there too! Clicktale hosted the Clicktale Café experience room, offering visitors delicious coffee, our famous Clicktale helicopters giveaways, and of course, a great Customer experience!

As always, there was so much to take in. Here are our four valuable picks from the different speakers and conference events.

Re-branding with customer experience in mind


Ryanair’s CMO, Kenny Jacobs, was one of the many inspiring speakers at the Festival. In an interesting session he explained why Ryanair is currently undergoing major rebranding and the goals he wishes to achieve by it. With an aim to become a friendlier brand, it was decided to focus on improving customer experience. Besides offering low fares and adding more routes, Jacobs is working hard to form a brand that truly listens to its customers. Using data and digital to drive conversation, innovative mobile marketing and compelling content, Jacobs is glad with the results so far with a 4% increase in traffic 9% increase in revenue.

Don’t be afraid of change

Airbmb logo

You must have heard of Airbnb’s re-branding this past summer and the online buzz it created mainly owing to the brand’s controversial new logo design.
Andrew Schapiro, Airbnb’s Head of Art Department, spoke about the change and how despite the buzz, his team was confident they made the right move. Looking back, the buzz contributed to brand awareness across the social media platforms spreading like wildfire. Schapiro added that Airbnb’s new identity is delivered across multiple online and offline channels from customer service to website content.

Social is as important as ever

Lego facebook page

“If we’re not there, someone else will be” said Lars Silberbauer, Lego’s Social Media Global Director during an interesting session on the tool that has changed the face of marketing for the better. With social media teams across three continents, Silberbauer’s aim is to deliver quality content non-stop, 24/7. Similar to most brands, Lego uses social media to increase sales, improve marketing efficiency, build brand affinity and help with damage control when needed. Appealing to both the younger and older audience, Lego’s social channels strive to engage with users as much as possible via photo sharing campaigns and reacting to real time events to keep brand relevance.

Argos digital store

Engage with digital experiences

Many case studies were presented during the conference but one of them, by Argos really caught our eye. Creating a unique touch-point between the online and offline customer experience, Argos recently launched its first ever “Digital Stores” in 6 locations across the UK offering online and mobile customers a “60 second fast track” to collect their goods in a user-friendly way. According to Argos, 40% of sales are generated via digital channels and 16% of total sales revenue comes from mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, investing such efforts in improving customer experience for their online and mobile customers makes a lot of sense.

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