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May marketing madness content week, post #15

Everyone sends newsletters, right? And why not, as they should be a great way to communicate with your business community. However, we all know that getting a good click-through/conversion rate from a newsletter is not easy. The risks are high - if your customers consider your newsletters to be spam, newsletters may have the exact opposite effect you hoped for.

So the question is, how do you create great newsletters? Newsletters that convert...newsletters that your community wants to read and enjoy...The kind that will get your community excited about, and involved and engaged with your product?

Here are 3 tips, taken directly from my inbox - from the newsletters I really enjoy receiving.

1. Make the Title Appealing

Writing a title to your newsletter is an art form. Many of your readers will glance at the title for a fraction of a second and use it to decide whether to open the newsletter or just delete it. Therefore,the title needs to fit your product and your community. The title can be provocative, or tempting, to create a question or a sense of agreement, and most importantly - the body of the newsletter needs to match the title. Don't make promises in the title that you do not keep inside the newsletter itself.

It may be worthwhile to test a few titles, and see which one is performing better. The title is important, I think that is already clear.

2. Provide Meaningful Content

The best newsletters are those that teach us something, that give added value. It can be added value directly related to your product such as an announcement of a new feature, it can be insights that are derived from your system, or it can be completely unrelated to your service.

A great example for such a newsletter was LinkedIn's newsletter at the end of 2010. They used their knowledge of your specific professional network, and what each of the members of your network did in the past year. The newsletter displayed a list of your contacts that had changed jobs in the past year. It was informative, derived directly from the product, and it was even presented beautifully... see tip no. 3.

Some of our favorite newsletters are just beautiful. Jetsetter does a great job at providing meaningful content subscribers want to read.

3. Make It Beautiful

Some of our favorite newsletters are just beautiful. In effect, that is another way of providing meaningful content. Some newsletters are just so beautiful, that they make you want to open them, just to see what visual treats are waiting for you this week.

The most beautiful newsletter I've seen is the one sent by Jetsetter, a site that provides discounts for the best hotels around the world, for members only. You need to become a member in order to get the newsletter, but it's worth it. Getting their newsletter every week makes me happy. It's so beautiful, just looking at the photos, I feel as if I am already on holiday.

Bringing Out the Best

These are just some tips to help out your own newsletters. As long as you try to continually improve and bring out the best in your content, customers will follow.

This post is one out of Clicktale's month long May Marketing Madness series. Each of our daily posts will highlight and explain today's best practices, useful tips and smart tools to measure and improve your online business performance. This week's theme is content. Make sure to stay tuned in for more!

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