Smart data vs. big data: Clicktale’s revolutionary impact recorder

As a marketer, data is your analytics bread and butter. But nowadays you’re overloaded with it and after a certain point, having access to masses of data doesn’t mean that you are using all of it or even most of it effectively. So, as the saying goes, how can you separate the wheat (meaningful data) from the chaff (all the irrelevant information)? How can you easily access the unique cases or interesting points, such as a website element that is confusing visitors or a form that is unclear?

We’re delighted to share our latest achievement with you: Our new Impact Recorder that enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ online behavior and get actionable insights to improve customer experience, increase conversion and achieve overall better business results. This breakthrough technology analyzes specific cases that you are interested in seeing from the 100% activity volume that we record. This way you can focus on the scenarios that are raising the important questions and detect more easily visitor frustration and conversion obstacles.

The substantial value that you can gain from the innovative capabilities of this feature is illustrated in the following examples:

1 – Getting Context to Voice Of Customer Feedback

When you can understand the context of the feedback that a customer provided through Voice of Customer (VOC), the information provided becomes grounded: You can see what happened and correct the issue faster and more accurately. With the Impact Recorder, you can create an event that records the scenario that is linked to the VOC complaint, giving direct and quick access to all VOC events, instead of having to spend time and resources tracking down and matching the information to the specific complaint.

2 – Increasing Conversion Rate

As a business, you want to know “what went wrong” with visitors who were shopping on your website and ended up abandoning their cart. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see their behavior patterns and analyze them to extract trends and identify obstacles and friction points? The Impact Recorder enables you to record such a scenario, providing you with insights that lead to significant increases in conversion rates and revenue.

3 – Gaining Faster Insights from A/B Testing

When you perform A/B testing, you can gain insights faster and shorten the testing time by gathering information on a page or test that has relatively low traffic. By comparing this page or test with the version or section that is getting higher traffic, you can identify more quickly what isn’t engaging your audience. You can easily do this with the Impact Recorder by creating an event that will record the specific test.

Avoiding Data Overload & Infobesity

Clicktale’s new Impact Recorder offers an effective alternative to being inundated with data: It stores and analyses the sessions that matter the most to you. By distilling the mountains of data to the most valuable insights into your customers’ behavior, you can easily and effectively optimize your digital customer experience and increase your website’s conversion.

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