Seven reasons to get excited about the latest news in experience analytics

Last week the official press release announcing the Clicktale Experience Cloud went across the wire. The announcement is the culmination of a tremendous amount of effort over the last year across the whole of our company.

On a personal level, this is exactly what got me excited when I joined Clicktale in January 2016. In fact, my decision to join the company was based largely on the vision for the product. After so many years spent at a company in the same space it was going to take something completely different – disruptive – to grab my interest. It has been a remarkable journey to see the product evolve over that time into the platform we announced last week. So why should we all be very excited – like I am – about this announcement?

  1. Customer experience has become the new currency. The most effective way for online businesses to differentiate themselves as we know is through customer experience, but there hasn’t been a purpose-built platform that enables the people tasked with delivering those experiences to get insights and take actions – whether they are an executive, a line-of-business manager, an analyst or UX professional. Workflows, visualizations, integrations, managing against business KPIs, etc. are things that prior to now have required pivoting between multiple tools, none of which was designed with experience as the outcome. And, of course, the cloud enables this to happen in a scalable fashion.

  2. Digital businesses have lots of questions, every day, and not enough answers. As noted above the market has matured to the point where businesses are now trying to really connect the customer experience and their actual business results and KPIs. The demand is being driven by the opportunity to differentiate and grow in a crowded space – and to maximize every dollar spent on driving demand into a site, by making the site a better functioning place for customers to buy or be serviced.

  3. Companies have struggled to correlate online customer experiences with actual business metrics and to measure their impact on results. Now, a business can see what’s going on with their customers, any effect on the business itself, and have workflows and visualizations to make the changes needed to deliver better business outcomes, and higher customer success and satisfaction.

  4. We know that customers are asking for a central workspace that is the starting point for the people tasked with understanding and delivering optimal results. This is what the Experience Cloud is: the place someone – at any level of a company really – will start their day, by looking at the business KPIs that matter to them in context, and then can drill down through simple workflows enabling you to go from KPIs or metrics to aggregated segment data visualized as unique path analytics, all the way down to more granular analytics like heatmaps and session recordings. We are now starting from the business impact and enabling you to take action, at any level.

  5. We understand what people INTEND to do on your site. As part of the Clicktale Experience Cloud, we are bringing to market Psychological Analytics – which are true behavioral analytics – based on applied psychological research & cognitive computing. We collect an amazingly rich, robust data set – every mouse movement, click, hover, pinch or zoom or rotate on a mobile device, etc. We have a team of PhD-level behavioral psychologists who have created and scientifically validated a model where all those actions users take when interacting have a meaning, and aggregated together indicate intent – essentially all the actions can be broken down into five “mindsets”. Once these mindsets are known, you can segment based upon them – for example, sending out retargeted advertising to someone who was simply browsing won’t have the same effect as sending the same ad to someone who was showing a goal-orientation, a clear intent to buy. It’s even better than predictive, because we know what someone intended to do, we are not making assumptions based on where they went. It’s true intent-based marketing.

  6. The volumes of users that enterprises have is so large it becomes difficult to understand all the data – which is why we focus on automatically surfacing the most important things happening so you can act on those. Otherwise, you are reliant on always being reactive to complaints or feedback or your contact center. Online companies have lots of data – I commonly hear the term “drowning in data”, yet they still can’t answer critical business questions – we are trying to make it simpler to get business outcomes from their data. We are getting to the answers to the critical questions that keep people up at night.

  7. This is only just the beginning. The Experience Cloud Platform is exactly that – a platform. We have a roadmap of many other future applications we are working on in our “labs” that will sit on the same infrastructure and utilize the same data to solve many other business challenges for our clients. That said, we can’t build everything, so we see the Experience Cloud as a platform for innovation, where partners or even customers will build applications on top of the platform to solve business problems we may not even be aware of, or that are so specific to their companies needs that it doesn’t make sense for other companies. So, the platform is open, with SDKs and APIs and out-of-the-box integrations that enable customers to solve these kinds of problems.

For more information on how the Clicktale Experience Cloud can transform your business read here.

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