Replace intuition with certainty: data-driven testing strategies

A/B testing, or Multivariate testing, has become a vital step in every digital asset’s Optimization Cycle. Many digital marketers follow their experience and intuition when they decide what to test and in which priority, turning to trial-and-error methods. But when a test comes out inconclusive, there is not much you can learn and evaluate in further tests.

Adding DCX Management into the Optimization Cycle empowers A/B testing and replaces the guesswork with tangible data that reveals digital customer behavior. It sheds light on how visitors experience your website and interact with it. The full set of DCX analytics includes visitor recordings, Data-Rich Heatmaps, Smart conversion funnels and Form Analytics. The Integrated solution of DCX and A/B testing helps plan a strategic testing roadmap based on the visual analysis of the website. It also helps you truly understand why one version worked and another didn’t. Armed with this knowledge, you can make more accurate decisions and fine-tune your A/B testing roadmap for continuous optimization. Insightful test results also generate fresh ideas for future tests.

What to test?

Many times we start testing almost out of a hunch. We test new designs and new elements to determine what works best. However, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could first analyze the page, watch how visitors interact with it, aggregate digital behavior and out of that – from a knowledgeable point – home in on the testing requirements?

Clicktale facilitates data-driven testing by highlighting the elements on the webpage that are the most engaging or that affect customer behavior. By watching Session Playbacks of user interactions with the page, visitors struggle is revealed and can be diagnosed. Heatmap analysis using side-by-side comparison of heatmaps of different webpage versions clarifies complex user journeys and visitor behavior. It also helps pinpoint specific user experience differences between visitors who have and haven’t converted. With Clicktale, you can also easily setup conversion funnels and form analytics to see how much value a certain A/B test will deliver. Drilling down to individual engagement analyses clarifies key visitor interaction points and validates the trending hypothesis about what to test. The Pre-testing assessment strengthens your overall testing strategy. You can focus on specific elements you want to test more easily and prioritize according to the value each correction will bring. This, in turn, optimizes your overall monetization capacity.

Delving into the ‘win’

Once you have uncovered webpage areas that users are most engaged with and that are the most influential in the decision-making process; and accordingly have determined which elements to test based on the in-page behavior and specific user segments across various sessions, you can effectively plan the A/B testing to examine your hypothesis.

When you enable the integration between your DCX Management and testing solution, you benefit from a valuable methodology for optimizing digital customer experience. You use Clicktale to create a hypothesis for what to test and to validate why one version was more successful than another, post-test.

Adding the visual data to the quantitative testing results creates a complete data-driven approach. Heatmap analysis and side-by-side comparison of heatmaps of different webpage versions visualize the difference in visitor behavior. The visitor recordings of each version reveals unexpected user journeys.

The test platform used to conduct the test shows the data of the test results and points the winning version. Clicktale adds the ‘why’ to the ‘what’ by revealing the reasons why one version performed better than another; uncovering how the implemented changes had a positive impact on the visitors’ interactions with the page.

Raising the eCommerce bar: the Brady Corp. use case on improved customer experience with visualization & testing

Brady Corporation’s optimization process, as practiced on their eCommerce website, demonstrates the power of Clicktale’s seamless integration with Maxymiser‘s testing platform.
Brady Corporation’s goal in analyzing their main page was to improve conversion rates. They used Data Rich Heatmaps and Link Analytics data to identify the areas that visitors engaged with most, and accordingly planned their testing.


The test was aimed at optimizing the number of visitors who converted successfully. They ran a test in which one of the elements was the location of the “Find-a-Sign” search. multivariate test to increase conversion rate. As the test got underway, they encountered some unexpected digital customer behavior: when they moved the “Find-a-Sign” search from the right side of the page to the center, the conversion rate dropped.

The optimization team at Brady Corp. couldn’t understand why the change in the position of that search element had such a dramatic effect on the page conversion. The integration between Clicktale and Maxymiser enabled them to watch recordings of visitor behavior on both versions of the test, that revealed not only what was really happening on the site, but most importantly, why.

Watch the Brady Corp Use Case with Gwen LaFleur, Digital Conversion Manager at Brady Corp., as she explains how by using an integrated solution they gained insights into their A/B testing results, which led to a major improvement of their Digital User Experience and a lift in conversion rates.

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