Putting privacy first

The issue of privacy in the digital space is one of significant importance.

At Clicktale, we provide users with a seamless and secure experience when browsing and engaging with our clients’ websites and apps. It’s about more than just providing best-in-class tools to measure and improve user experiences, it also means taking a proactive approach to ensuring the privacy of user data. As the implementation date of GDPR draws closer, we believe that all companies should be making a concerted effort to better protect privacy online. In fact, it should be their number one priority.

In order for brands to provide the best possible customer experiences online, they must develop a real understanding of their customers. In the age of big data, this means collecting, and managing, large quantities of anonymous user data to develop insights and trends that can help to boost the end user experience.

This disconnect between the need for customer insights and the necessities of end-user privacy can be a difficult balance to strike, but it is one that we at Clicktale take extremely seriously.

As part of our commitment to user privacy, Clicktale employs a “privacy by design” approach and multiple-layers of vigorous security technologies to safeguard data, making sure that it is protected, respected and secure. All of Clicktale’s policies and practices satisfy ISO 27001, aligning with the strict requirements of our global client base.

In addition to employing strict privacy default settings (e.g. no collection of keystrokes), we also work closely with our customers to ensure that all user data remains anonymous and that sensitive information contained on a client’s webpage is not included within the data capture process.

Today, there are very few websites that don’t deal with personally identifiable information (PII), meaning that there is a broad range of personal data that’s captured within the average shopping process. As a result, it is vital that – when selecting a partner to analyse data – brands do their homework to ensure that they, and their customers, receive a service with the best possible privacy controls. In order to guarantee this, brands should make sure that their suppliers are GDPR compliant, are using the right levels of encryption when securing customer data, and are also ensuring that users are made fully aware of the information that is being collected (whether through installed cookies, or so-called ‘cookieless’ tracking tools). It’s also important to do due diligence about where and who develops your code, as best practice varies from company to company. 

At Clicktale, we work on the basis that the majority of customer information has almost zero relevance to improving and streamlining user experiences online, as such it’s not worth collecting or storing. Clicktale enables our customers to improve their customers’ digital experiences without the need to capture or store such sensitive information.

Clicktale has a privacy-first philosophy that informs everything we do. And part of my role as General Counsel and Data Protection Officer is to ensure our platform strictly adheres to data privacy laws. This underwrites all of our work with brands that are looking to transform and improve their customers’ digital experiences while respecting individual privacy rights.

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