OpinionLab and Clicktale partner: integrating data that makes the world go round

Guest Post By Jonathan Levitt, CMO at OpinionLab

I'm a numbers guy. I like data I can taste, feel and crunch. Perhaps it's the strategist in me that drives this need for data, perhaps it's just because I believe data is what makes the world go round. Without data, how would you drive solutions that support meaningful engagement in a hyper-connected, omni-channel marketplace? The answer is, you can't.

All you'd be left with is a basic framework held loosely together by guesses and graphs that look pretty. And pretty doesn't drive meaningful experience and it sure doesn't improve customer experiences.

Improving Customer Experience

What does "improve customer experiences" mean? For starters, getting a complete picture of the user experience through seamlessly integrated real-time VoC data within web analytics reporting systems. The whole purpose for using web analytics is to reveal what users are doing on your site.

If you're not familiar with web analytics, web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of website data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. Web analytics is what you use to better identify and quantify web optimization needs. So when a frustrated customer clicks on the familiar [+] feedback symbol, feedback is instantly interpreted, filtered and delivered to key stakeholders providing behavioral and contextual information alongside VoC data.

What is In-Page analytics?

If you're looking to see everything visitors do in-page on your website, from mouse move to click, Clicktale allows you to watch your visitor's every move through a variety of highly engaging tools such as mouse move heat maps, click heatmaps and videos. Through these tools you are able to discover exactly how visitors use your site, where abandonment happens and where customers are coming from, allowing for higher conversions, better metrics and monitoring in real-time.

With a small block of JavaScript code (placed at the bottom of every page on a site) data is revealed like visitors, page views, time spent on a page and bounce rates. You can see what a user is doing and how long they are doing it for. Pretty cool when you are watching a user abandon a shopping cart because you didn't have a clear way to edit a shopping choice. Analytics can tell you that the visitor left the site, but not the reasoning behind that action. Combined with rich, contextual VoC data, now you know. And it paints a pretty powerful picture of how your teams can pinpoint opportunities in real-time.

So now not only are you maximizing conversion rates and optimizing your website--but you're actually improving your customers' experiences. The difference is actionable and that's what a Clicktale and OpinionLab integration can do. Provide the data that connects the dots between customer feedback and customer experience. And truly, it makes brands, and the world a better place.

About the Author

As CMO, Jonathan is responsible for bringing OpinionLab solutions to the world. A passionate, data-driven business strategist, he has lived and breathed Voice of Customer since the early days of its proliferation. Today, Jonathan remains keenly in tune with the evolving needs of our space and is a powerful voice for our own clients, helping OpinionLab better design and share VoC solutions that support meaningful engagement in a hyper-connected marketplace.

About OpinionLab

OpinionLab is leading a Voice of Customer (VoC) revolution, powered by the value of feedback anytime, anywhere. After 13 years on the front line of VoC innovation, we’ve built the only omni-channel solution that captures and manages real-time feedback from websites, mobile platforms, stores and products. In short, we’re revealing what consumers everywhere want and need, improving customer experience across the board. Today, hundreds of leading global brands rely on our familiar [+] feedback symbol to better acquire, engage and retain customers through actionable insight.

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