Online marketing taglining tips 101

May Marketing Madness Online Strategy Week, Post #14

What are the advantages of a really good tagline? Good press, good way for customers to remember your name, great way to facilitate business branding.

Alright, so what qualifies as a good tagline and how do you create one?

While some business professionals attribute their taglines to magical moments of genius, there are some guidelines out there to help you out. When going about composing or recreating your own tagline, here are some pointers you may want to keep in mind.

Got milk? A catchy tagline, now part of cultural mainstream.

Bring Out the Best

What are the benefits of your company? Use adjectives that you want to define your business. For example, if you are an insurance business, customers want you to be trustworthy, secure, patient, reasonable, etc…your tagline should make them feel this way about you.

Industry Highlights

What influence does your business have on the industry that you are in? How does it stand out, or what elements about your business do you want customers to remember. Are you the "only" business that does xyz? Are you "first class", an "industry first", "sell the best", etc. Highlight the strengths your competitors lack.

The Written Word "Keep It Clear"

Unlike musical jingles and moving visuals that tv ads have the advantage of airing, online marketing taglines for the most part are reliant upon the written word. Therefore, keep in mind that tone of voice, music, emphasis on particular words generally do not accompany your tagline when customers read it for the first time. So no musical accompaniment should be necessary to make your tagline clear and catch on amongst customers.

Learn Business Value Through Website

Your website is a great way to get to know the customers interested in your offering. Learn about where they are coming from, what they search for, what they value about your site. By using web analytics tools to analyze your traffic, you can confirm what aspects/qualities of your business should be emphasized in your tagline.

Cultural Taglining

We have experienced plenty of great, memorable taglines that have been ingrained into our daily culture over the years. Here are some inspiring brand icons that might get you started.

Your tagline is definitely not the be all and end all of your branding. However, it certainly helps you focus in and unify what you want to communicate to your customers about your business. Especially in a social networking world with often 140 characters of text at a time, we need to get our businesses across as quickly, efficiently, and succinctly as possible. Happy taglining :-)

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