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DCX: Now An Integral Part of Enterprise Marketing

Digital Customer Experience (DCX) is about the marriage of two terms we're all familiar with: 'Digital Analytics' and 'Customer Experience'.

Just a few short years ago everyone was talking about the importance of measuring the success of our websites and marketing campaigns. And so was born 'Digital Analytics' in the shape of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Digital Analytics and DCX - via ClickTale Software
Digital Analytics and DCX - via Clicktale Software

In recent years however, marketers have realized that numbers, while essential to the measurement of performance, only provide a partial view of what's really going on online. What was missing was a 'qualitative' indicator - a measure of how people 'feel' and 'behave' in response to an online experience.

And by missing out on that 'qualitative' indicator, companies found they were losing millions in wasted online revenues, not to mention customer loyalty, repeat business and positive brand reinforcement.

As a result, the conversation has today shifted towards the idea of not just measuring, but understanding and optimizing the entire customer experience online. (expand the image on the right to see how digital analytics differs from Clicktale's DCX, for example)

2 Main Assumptions of Digital Customer Experience

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Behind this new field of marketing lay 2 main assumptions that represent the new frontier of online businesses success. These assumptions are already part of the day-to-day best practices of some of the most successful brands in the world:

  • That there is more to digital success than one-off conversion.
  • That delivering good website design and compelling content is just the tip of the iceberg to developing real online customer satisfaction.

Now that online businesses are finally understanding the power of Digital Customer Experience, how do you harness it? How can you better understand and engage your users with your digital resources and marketing tools?

This Thursday's webinar will answer many of these essential questions and more:

Digital Customer Experience Trends 2014

Forrester Social

Thursday July 24th,11:00am-12:00pm EST/3:00-4:00pm GMT

Join guest speaker John Dalton, VP, Research Director at Forrester Research as he discusses the main trends and insights from the February, 2014 report: "Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2014”.

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Highlights from this report include:

  • The new breed of digital innovators blending online and offline experiences
  • The resurfacing of the privacy debate
  • How failed digital experiences can have serious repercussions on profit and reputation
  • The pursuit for user experience (UX) talent
  • The focus on mobile to drive customer experience innovation


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