Is your digital customer experience as good as you think?

In our recent blog post (What is Digital Customer Experience and Why Does it Matter?) we raised some of the main challenges facing Digital Customer Experience professionals in the enterprise. One of the most pertinent is whether the customers’ digital experience is really in line with what the enterprise imagines it to be.

Only 8% of companies get top grades for customer experience

Only 8% of companies get top grades for customer experience

Here's the problem: every company thinks they are delivering a great customer experience. But the reality is that most don't quite know what it is or how to start developing or delivering it.

Kerry Bodine over at the Harvard Business Review provides some telling Forrester research showing that only 8% of companies received a top grade from their customers in a 2013 customer experience survey. And that's a woefully low number in proportion to the two-thirds of companies who believe they are 'innovators' in delivering customer experience (from the same survey).

53% of US retail sales are online & web influenced

Forrester Retail Online

So what does this mean for the online world?

Well, it depends on how much of a company's business comes from digital channels. Digital revenues as a proportion of the whole can vary in the extreme from company to company. For the e-commerce industry which is perhaps the most obvious vertical for online transactions, Forrester created another report, highlighting these graphs opposite.

From the top chart it can be seen that revenue from online channels in the US alone are worth $250 billion – 8% of all US retail sales.

Now that still leaves the other 90+% of retail transactions that take place in-store. A hefty chunk you may be thinking. But not really if you then factor in web-influenced sales (the second chart below), which brings that proportion up to a staggering 53% of all sales from digital touch-points.

Forrester Retail Online2

So the implications are clear:

1. Digital channels are an important and growing source of customer 'engagement' for a company.

And hand in hand with this;

2. Companies need to find ways of better understanding the experience they 'manufacture' for customers.

Which means, if they aren't already doing so, enterprises need to start tracking their Digital Customer Experience with a view to optimizing it.

Coming up next time: We examine the Digital Customer Experience gap and how to close it.


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