Is Cloud bringing digital customer experience down to earth?

According to Graham Charlton over at Econsultancy, companies with an online presence are focusing more and more on 'why' customers behave or experience the web in the ways they do.

Marketers are increasingly using a variety of means to identify customer experience issues on their websites, including email, customer service calls, web analytics, online surveys and more.

But what's interesting from the graph below is that while many companies are still on the adoption curve for Digital Customer Experience (DCX) technologies such as heatmaps and session replay (the last 2 bars in the chart), they do consider these technologies to be the most effective at discovering and fixing online customer struggle (57% for session replay and 40% for heatmaps).


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Digital Customer Experience: SaaS vs On-Premise?

So why would companies believe that heatmaps and session replay are among the best tools for understanding their online customers - and yet still be weak adopters? The answer could be related to the fact that this research was from two years ago when the technology was not seen as particularly accessible  - particularly in the high-end, enterprise market.

The good news is that all that has now changed. The rise of SaaS-based solutions for the enteprise now provide an alternative to project-heavy, on-premise solutions which, by their very nature, are considered to be their own worst enemy in terms of barriers to adoption. Clicktale is leading this transformation with enterprise DCX technology available from the Cloud. The company provides a range of data-rich heatmaps, high fidelity session replay and sophisticated reporting that enterprises can implement via an easy subscription.

The On-Premise vs SaaS debate has been a hot topic since way back at the start of the millennium when Cloud-based solutions first emerged. This article by Alex Hobbs in Linkedin explains the pros and cons in detail - while this chart from the same article sums it up nicely for us:

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Conclusion - DCX Adoption Now Looking Up

It's probably a safe bet to say that the bar graph we presented at the top of this post will look radically different in the coming few years. Companies with an online business strategy, who appreciate the urgent need for Digital Customer Experience solutions including heatmaps and session replay, will now find the playing field far more amenable.

On-premise solutions are still out there for companies that really need them. But SaaS will continue to emerge as the dominant means of fast, hassle-free DCX technology adoption.

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