Interactive click heatmap joins Clicktale heatmap suite

Today, we are proud to launch the third addition to our groundbreaking suite of FREE heatmaps, which is sure to knock your socks off:

Introducing Mouse Click Heatmaps

The first-ever click heatmap that is interactive and seamlessly integrated with Clicktale's Link AnalyticsTM. Now you can see everywhere your visitors' click, even where they are not supposed to, along with innovative statistics on all link interactions.

Mouse Click Heatmap report with Link Analytics turned on

Mouse Click Heatmap report with Link Analytics turned on.


The new Mouse Click Heatmap joins the innovative suite of Clicktale Scrolling Heatmaps, including the Scroll-reach Heatmap TM, which shows how far down the page visitors scroll, and the Attention HeatmapTM, which reveals where and for how long visitors are focusing their attention.

There are several ways that you can use our new Mouse Click Heatmaps to help improve your websites and landing pages:

  • See every click anywhere on the page, even those attempted on non-clickable elements. You'll discover that visitors are clicking on parts of the page that aren't links, but perhaps should be. For example, we discovered that visitors were often clicking on badges and images such as "Special Offers" graphics that were not linked to anything. By linking these to actionable sales pages, you can help your customers navigate and convert better!
  • Quickly and easily conduct A/B testing to dramatically increase your conversion rates. Discover how subtle design changes in different page versions can help improve your visitors' interactions, and ultimately increase your ROI.
  • Use our Link Analytics to discover not only where visitors click, but also where they hover, how long they hover, and more. Our in depth statistics and graphical interpretation will help you convert these hovers into profit making clicks.
  • Start using the Mouse Click heatmaps right away on any of your recorded pages. You can run the Mouse Click Heatmap on any recorded page saved inside your ClickTale account*, even if it was recorded before the launch of our Mouse Click heatmaps. No extra work needed.

A/B Test Previous Page Versions

You can go back up to 60 days automatically to discover how page changes have impacted your visitors' interactions (your available history depends on the subscription plan selected). You can run heatmaps on previous page versions or across a date range. At Clicktale, we've done all the hard work for you, so you can start running A/B comparisons right away on your existing pages.

View heatmaps for previous page versions

View heatmaps for previous page versions.

View a heatmap across a selected date range

Or, view a heatmap across a selected date range.

Link Analytics Integration

Link Analytics gives you a detailed analysis of your visitor's interactions with your website's links, buttons and active elements - information not available anywhere else. You will learn how many visitors hover over links, how long they hover for, how many of those hovers are converted into clicks, and much more.

Link Analytics Metrics

Here are some of the innovative metrics you'll have access to:

  1. Clicks - see the click count of every link on your site, and each individual link's percentage out of the total clicks.
  2. Hovers - number of mouse hovers over links. Are your links attracting visitors to hover but not click? We can tell you!
  3. Hover Order - ranks links by the average order in which they were hovered over. Discover which links are attracting visitors first, second and third, and begin to manage where your visitors go and when.
  4. Time to Click - the average time between page load and the moment the link is clicked.
  5. Hover Time - average time mouse hovers over a link, indicating visitor interest level.
  6. Clicking Visitors - the number of unique visitors who clicked on a link.
  7. Hovers Conversion - discover which links get the best and worst conversion rates.
  8. Hesitation - average time from beginning of a mouse hover to the mouse click.

Hover Order is increasing as expected in the ClickTale signup form

Hover Order is increasing as expected in the Clicktale signup form.

In all, you'll be able to see everything your visitors do on your site, and learn how to use their every move, hover and click to your advantage.

Save and Share Your Heatmaps

Using a simple and free Firefox extention, you can download and print these reports to share with colleagues and management, or to keep for your own tracking needs.  This is an extremely useful way to track changes over longer periods of time, in order to continually improve your site's design and layout.

Turn up the heat!

You can customize the heatmap's look-and-feel in real-time by adjusting the opacity and color-temperature of the heatmap.

Color-temperature and opacity controls

Color-temperature and opacity controls.

The opacity control allows you to shift emphasis between heatmap intensity vs. underlying page brightness, allowing you to easily visualize your customer's interactions with the site itself. The color-temperature control varies heatmap colors between cold and hot. And because it's all calculated in Real-time, you can change these values on-the-fly and see the effects of your modifications immediately. homepage with the heatmap set to full-transparency homepage with the heatmap set to full-transparency.

Get Going

Heatmaps aren't a new thing, but we are confident that we've raised the bar with a new benchmark in heatmap analytics. We'd love to hear how you use this new tool on your site, so give it a go, and begin benefiting from unparalleled insights into your visitors browsing behaviors today. You can even use Clicktale for free* **.

The Clicktale team

p.s. More great heatmaps will be released later this year!

*With a free Clicktale account, Mouse Click Heatmaps will run on your most popular web page. To view heatmaps on your other pages, we recommend upgrading to one of our paid plans.

**Terms and services have changed since the publication of this article. 

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