Infographic: VoC & Clicktale integration gives the full picture of customer experience

Everyone gets that Voice of Customer (VoC) solutions are essential to organizations looking to deliver strong online customer experience and provide a high level of service.
But even if a customer provides an averagely informative VoC response, you still have to sift through all the responses in order to glean the good ones - the ones that really points the issue clearly and help your web team identify the customer experience issue and fix it. But without any 'objective' insight into what the customer is experiencing and what their individual journey looks like, this process can be tedious and inefficient.

The Infographic below explains how advanced In-Page tracking solution provided by Clicktale integrates seamlessly with VoC solutions to give you an 'over the shoulder' view of each customer's journey and quality of experience. Used in conjunction with Voice Of Customer, this helps you to quickly and precisely identify the causes of customer struggle that are damaging your conversion rate and service level. By tracking the uplift as a result of your quick diagnosis and pinpointed remedy, you now have a nice number to attribute to your marketing ecosystem investment - helping you justify the value of the entire program.

VOC Infographic

Watch this 4 min. video demonstrating how advanced Session Replay technology provide invaluable context to Voice of Customer.

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