Infographic: Three ways retailers are using experience analytics

Every day, I hear first-hand accounts from our retail customers that point to the ways they’re pushing the boundaries of customer experience to deliver superior experiences. Forrester’s 2018 predictions report was titled “Customer Obsessed, Data-Driven Retailers Thrive,” and based on these conversations with retailers, I couldn’t agree more. 

In this blog, and the following infographic, I will outline some of the successes that our retail and e-commerce customers have shared over the past few months:

In-page “influencers”

A top personal care retailer offers visitors different packages of skin care products based on the treatment regimen most important to the visitor. Visitors select their preferred regimen – cleanse, moisturize or treat – and are then served a personalized product carousel. The product manager for skin care wanted to understand which product mixes were most attractive on the personalized product carousels.

In a visual, intuitive way, Clicktale’s “Influential Segments” easily show visitor segments performing better or worse than the average on a KPI; for example, new vs returning visitors, or visitors using Safari vs. Chrome, and so on. With customized influential segments, the product manager could see the add-to-cart rates for the visitors who selected “cleanse” vs. “moisturize” vs. “treat” as their preferred regimen. The insights led to the product owner further optimizing which skin care items to group together for the highest success rates.

Influential segments

Just think of any specific elements you have on a product or category page and you’ll be able to use customized influential segments to measure their effectiveness. In a similar example, an online bookseller wanted to understand the influence of “reviews” vs. “condition of book” vs. “edition details” on visitors’ ultimate purchasing decisions. By customizing the influential segments, the bookseller saw that visitors interacting with the “condition of book” content were most serious, and, in fact, converted at a rate of more than double than other visitors to the page.

This is just one example, but the infographic below shows three more examples of how retailers are proving successful in the age of experience.

3 ways retailers use Clicktale

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