Improving the customer experience at TELUS

Interview with Tim Hassed, Director, Online Customer Experience, TELUS Canada

TELUS is Canada’s fastest growing national telecommunications company. The company sells mobility services nationwide and home solution services in western Canada.

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Tim’s strategic role at TELUS is to support all consumer-facing teams: everything that enables customers to research and buy TELUS products, whether it’s Internet, TV or mobility. His team enables customers to get support for the products and services they own as well as being able to manage their accounts.

Tim Hassed, Director, Online Customer Experience,  TELUS Canada

In this interview Tim was generous enough to shares with us his challenges and successes, so we can all learn from his vast experience and expertise.

Question: How important is the customer experience to TELUS and what role does it play for the company.

Driving and improving the customer experience is a major focus for us. 

Our mantra is “Customer First” so it’s really important for us to understand our customers’ experiences when they are using our website. We need to see customers’ interactions as well as their journey through our site to do things like pay bills and purchase products. We aim to give the same level of service we offer our brick and mortar customers in the online, for a full cross channel experience.

Question: In your view, what constitutes a positive customer experience?

We want our customers to be able to complete their tasks with as little effort as possible. We also want them to have a great experience along the way. If they can come to our website, login to their account, pay their bill, log out and continue through their day without any issues, that’s a positive customer experience.

Question: What is your biggest challenge?

We want to have a dialogue with real customers. There’s nothing like going out and actually talking to customers and bringing them in to see how they interact with our digital experiences.
On our digital properties we have a lot of data that will tell us what a customer did but we don’t know why. We need to understand the why behind the what. We need to be able to watch customer interactions and really see where we can improve the experience. That’s why we needed Clicktale.

Question: Why did TELUS choose Clicktale?

Clicktale was a very simple solution for us to implement. It was SAAS based, speed to market was very quick for us and there are great people behind the product.

Question: When you say “speed to market was very quick,” what do you mean?

We were able to get up and running within weeks rather than months. We can also make updates to our website at a much quicker pace with the data we gather through Clicktale.

Question: What impact has Clicktale had on your team’s productivity?

The combination of Clicktale and our Adobe Analytics tool saves our analysts a ton of time.

Question: So the impact on your business has been favorable?

Yes. We’ve seen lots of savings through the implementation of Clicktale because we’ve been able to make serious improvements on the customer experience.

Question: And what about your bottom line?

We can monetize almost every experience we see. Because every experience we see with Clicktale is an opportunity for us to improve the customer’s journey on our website. Whether it’s someone trying to pay a bill, buy a product, do basic research or get support for a product, Clicktale helps us understand what their journey looks like and then improve incrementally each step along the way.

Question: Can you please share some of the positive results?

Yes. We’ve seen some good improvements in terms of some of the self-service transactions. Enabling customers to pay a bill, for example. Through a simple observation of what happened in a Clicktale movie we were able to increase our conversion by 5%.

Question: Did Clicktale impact TELUS in any other way?

One of the best features of Clicktale is being able to show other teams within the company what’s actually happening on the digital side.

For example, the designers who create website experiences can see how customers are using them. Our Analytics and Commerce teams can really understand and appreciate where a customer is getting stuck and where we need to improve.

Clicktale has been great in terms of helping multiple teams within our digital channel understand what’s actually happening with the customers.

Another example is Clicktale’s Movie Night that lets us visualize what the customer is doing and really understand it. That enables us to start to apply the changes based on what we’ve all just seen much faster

Question: What effect does this have on the group effort?

Because we can apply changes based on what we see, we can prioritize the steps we plan to take. We can also see more clearly how to increase website conversion rates through the commerce funnels. Our teams can use that information and see their changes being made “real time.” And no less important, they can see the results from their changes. As a result, it is becoming an integral part of the TELUS enterprise team.

Question: Tell me about the synergy between TELUS and the Clicktale Customer Success Team.

The Customer Success Team has been great. They’ve shown us how to get the most out of the product. And as we’ve become more experienced, we’ve learned how we can work with our own User Experience Team to do even more. To solve some of the other serious problems we may not have come across before.

Over the last three years the Customer Success Team has become a core part of our business and we want to make sure that we continue this strong relationship moving forward.

Question: What is the most impressive result of the TELUS-Clicktale partnership?

The ability to see what the customer is doing and layer that on top of all the other data we have makes the customer experience much more powerful.

Clicktale has made it a lot easier for our team to understand where the customer’s pain points are. Instead of spending a lot of time analyzing data we can watch a movie and see exactly where the customer got stuck or frustrated.

Coming up with solutions for the pain points is much faster and really supports the customer journey and the business as a whole.

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