Improving Funding Circle’s customer journey

Funding Circle is the world’s largest direct lending platform for businesses, providing quick access to finance for small businesses and offering investors a better return on their money. We’re committed to continuously improving our technology platform for our customers so we deliver the highest quality user experience.


Our mission to optimize the customer journey

As a Marketing Analyst, my job is to look at marketing metrics and analyze the customer journey from when users land on our website for the first time, right through the online process. I work on conversion optimization, with the aim of making Funding Circle’s website more efficient.
We knew that users were encountering sticking points on their journey but we needed deeper insights to understand what they were exactly. We turned to Clicktale to help us provide these insights and improve customer journey.

A smooth and fast onboarding process

Initially I had some concerns about the implementation of Clicktale and what it would require from our team. Helpfully, most of the customization work was in the hands of Clicktale. We found the onboarding process simple and transparent and saw insights in our first week.

Insights that changed our approach

Improving the customer experience is an ongoing process. The right insights are key to developing effective solutions, allowing us to create data-driven hypotheses and test new content.

Here are a few things we’ve learned so far.

  • Missing the loan application point
    When some businesses were applying, they were overlooking an essential dropdown menu. Clicktale analysis showed us that users were hovering over a button and clicking, not noticing a dropdown button was “disabled”. This prevented them from moving on to the next step. Armed with new insights, we changed this behavior making the submit button “enabled” by default. This was an important and constructive insight that we hadn’t come across previously and increased the conversion rate of this step.

  • Added benefits of live analysis
    Some pages can’t be fully tested until they are live. Fortunately, Clicktale helps us monitor these pages in real time to ensure they’re working as expected. A few minutes after a new functionality goes live we can watch videos of the first users interacting with these features. This offers us an extra layer of quality control for pages that can’t be pre-tested. This was an unexpected, and welcome use of the Clicktale system.

Creating a better customer experience in all areas

We strive to provide the best experience for our customers across the business. For example, our sales team have used Clicktale to understand where users are most engaged; sharing their insights with other teams. As more of us adopt Clicktale, our organization’s efficiency increases and we can continue to find ways to improve the user experience.

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