How to use conversion funnel analysis

Last month, Clicktale was pleased to announce the exciting launch of our Conversion Funnels, revolutionizing the way online businesses optimize their websites. In this post we will go through how to best utilize our conversion funnel analysis according to your business needs and website processes.

To begin, your automatically generated 3-step funnel is ready for you upon login to your Clicktale account; it's based on the most popular 3 step path through your site in the last 30 days!  No setup is required.

You can then customize the Conversion Funnel Ananlysis to visually display the paths visitors follow through your website. Edit, add or delete any funnel step on the fly and adjust just two simple settings to model any business process.

Model Your Business Processes

Model visitors' entry points

By default, the funnel is generated so that all visitors Start at 1st Step. This is the classic funnel setup that is typical in a strictly linear business processes such as a shop checkout process where traffic must enter at step 1.

On the other hand, the Start at Any Step setting, is used to model a business process where visitors can enter the process at different steps in the funnel and still achieve the final goal. A good example is a process leading to a newsletter signup-form where visitors can reach the web form from any step along the process.

Model your business sequence

Some business processes, like the credit card payment process, require a Strict Funnel. In the Strict Funnel setting, visitors must go through the defined steps of the funnel in immediate sequence with no intermittent steps.

Other processes, like selecting and booking a hotel on a travel site, can be better modeled with a Flexible Funnel. In the Flexible Funnel setting, visitors can view non-funnel designated pages in between funnel steps, as long as they visit the funnel steps in order.

Discover New Insights in Your Conversion Funnel Analysis

find sources and plug leaks

Use the Entry Pages tables to discover the most popular pages which bring visitor traffic into your funnels. While the Exit Pages tables help you understand where traffic is leaking to from your funnel.

Map your site's most popular paths

You can map out the most common paths visitors use to navigate through your website by simply regenerating the entire conversion funnel analysis automatically from a new first step. By testing different first steps, you'll gain amazing insights into your visitors' browsing behavior in a matter of minutes.

Save Time and Effort

Default funnel

Your default Conversion Funnel Analysis is ready and waiting for you - the Clicktale system has already identified and built a 3-step funnel based on your most popular navigation path in the last 30 days.

Save your funnels

Save your most valuable funnels for later use, so you can re-run them to monitor conversion rates over time (available to paid subscribers).

Still More to Come

Wait, there's still more! Stay tuned for our next anticipated funnel release, as we take website optimization to a whole new level of discovery.

If you have not already begun having fun with our Conversion Funnels, you can log in to your account now to start using their enhanced features. The Conversion Funnel Analysis is available to all our customers, even on our free plan*!

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