How to make your customers feel special

Do you make your customers feel special? If not, you probably spend most your time looking for new customers. Today, it’s no longer enough to entice customers with price and product features alone. If your customers aren’t satisfied with every step in the buyer’s journey, it’s likely you’re losing a substantial amount of revenue.

Unfortunately, while almost all organizations use the web as part of their customer experience management programs, only 8% of companies are fully satisfied with their ability to use data to effectively tailor digital experiences.

In these times, savvy executives focus on the customer. The Best-in-Class use cutting-edge analytics to understand why customers behave the way they do. They leverage millisecond-level data to detect critical junctures in the customer experience that lead to – or derail – engagement and conversions.

Any enterprise will agree: to stand out and differentiate yourself you have gain customer insight and exceed their expectations.

To get inside secrets and see how it’s done, join our webinar on June 28 at 13:00 EDT, on the business value of customer experience. Hosted in partnership with The Aberdeen Group, the session will include a presentation by Tom Barker, Head of Analytics at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group – the banking industry disruptor serving 30 million customers worldwide – on how they reinvented their business model to provide a world-class customer experience.

We’ll be talking about the business value of customer experience as a differentiator, how to align your business with customer expectations and how the Best-in-Class retain more customers (and get them to spend more).

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