How to become the DCX hero of the enterprise

The DCX (Digital Customer Experience) Hero

So you're already convinced that your company needs to start tracking and better understanding the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) your website provides.

And you know that  large conversion results can be generated from relatively simple website fixes - but only if you're aware of them in the first place!

And you already accept (from reading this blog perhaps!) that it's important to be able to see your customers' experience through their eyes. And that the key to improving website optimization and conversion lies with the ability to empathize with your customers as they journey and interact with your site.

Great! But the challenge is now to gain internal support within your organization. The good news is that digital customer experience software and solutions affect many parts of the organization. And so a strong case can be built with all of the relevant stakeholders in the different departments you work and interface with.

Your ability to deliver a compelling business case for digital customer experience  hinges on how well you structure your argument to resolve the chief challenges and priorities of your internal audience.

Rally Support from the Rest of the Executive Team

No matter which executive you want to convince, make sure to manage expectations about the time to value and effort required. Don’t over-promise and then under-deliver.
Digital customer experience is not something you just turn on and get instant results from - getting value takes some time and effort.
As you invest more, you’ll start to crawl, then walk, then run. And your peers will start to appreciate and respect your pragmatic, level-headed approach!

Here's how to structure your argument for the 4 main shareholders within your organization:

Selling to Marketing

  1. ClickTale Technology partners
    Clicktale integrates seamlessly with a range of Web Analytics, A/B Testing, and Tag Management tools

    Highlight the ability of digital customer experience software to improve the ROI of your department's web and digital marketing activities. Position Digital Customer Experience as the solution that ties the various marketing tools you've already invested in, into a more efficient and effective machine. A great way of doing with with Clicktale is to show how it integrates with most of the marketing tools in the department including Web analytics, A/B testing, Voice of Customer solutions, tag management and more.

  2. Also, make a point about how easy it is to measure the impacts in revenue, and online customer satisfaction to substantiate budget requests.

Have a look at this recent case study that shows how over $1 million in clear revenue was generated from specific website changes that only a Digital Customer Experience tool could uncover.

Selling to Finance

  1. Conversion Funnel_route perfect
    Clicktale's Conversion Funnel can be customized to show hypothetical cases and the revenue benefit they bring to the company.

    Do the math. Unfortunately there's no easy way around this bit! Present your developed business case. Don’t worry too much about the fact that you’re making estimates, as long as they’re clearly labeled as such. But you’ll build credibility simply by walking in the door with a spreadsheet of numbers, showing you can speak the CFO’s language.

  2. Project the implications of having the ability to better measure what your organization gets for its marketing investments—namely, how customer behavior improvements will boost conversion, reduce drop-off, and result in more revenue.
  3.  Factor in the not-so-obvious financial benefits such as the time and resource savings made from more informed A/B testing; how VoC can be enhanced with contextual insights.
  4. Use the Clicktale conversion funnel tool to build hypothetical customer journeys to show how much revenue can be saved by specific changes to the customer journey. To help prove your point you can email Clicktale funnels, heatmaps and Session Playback recordings along with your excel charts!

You'll see that the investment pays itself back many fold over a relatively short time in most cases.

Watch this webinar about Using Digital Customer Experience to Monetize your Web Analytics Segments to get some ideas.

Selling to IT

  1. Project the effect of a reduced IT workload now that Marketing will be able to safely reduce or avoid some of the tasks that previously required IT help, such as event creation and implementation.
  2. Emphasize that specific technical questions about security, data management, integration, and other IT requirements are already well covered and supported by Clicktale’s Professional Services and SLA.

All the concerns are addressed in the Security and Privacy Overview on the Clicktale website.

Selling to the Head of Sales or CEO

  1. Present the knowledge of customer behavior and interactions as the key to online business growth. Position it as a solution to enhance sales effectiveness and customers engagement and retention to improve revenues.
  2. Instead of talking about digital experience in abstract, talk about the predicted performance improvements that you’ll gain from knowing precisely what customers do inside of your web channels, both mobile and desktop.
  3. Use the sharing options in Clicktale to share a specific heatmap or a user session video that demonstrates the user struggle that affects the conversion. A picture (or video!) is worth a thousand words when it comes to making your case!

Have a look at this Case study with The North Face They were able to significantly up their online sales by analyzing how purchasers and non-purchasers interacted differently.



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