How experience analytics is helping JustFab and Shoedazzle gain a unique competitive advantage

In the fast-moving world of online retail, TechStyle Fashion Group (owner of brands such as JustFab and Shoedazzle) recognized that they needed to streamline and optimize what were previously time-consuming analyses of the digital customer experience.

They realized that they needed to do something different to gain an accurate and immediate understanding of their customers, in order to engage with them more effectively, and ensure attention is captured and that purchases are completed.

The company understood that if they could uncover why customers’ were behaving in certain ways, then they could deliver an outstanding digital experience – for the brand, the cornerstone of cultivating customer loyalty and driving revenue.

In the video below, Traci Inglis, Brand President of JustFab and Shoedazzle at TechStyle, provides insight into how she and her team were able to use that understanding to optimize the digital customer experience for optimal engagements and increased sales.


To learn more about the value of understanding digital customers and how it impacts their experiences, you can watch the full interview with Traci below:

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