How Dell fuels growth through customer behavior analysis

Dell’s goal is to empower human progress through technology and help customers with their digital transformations. At the heart of this mission is Dell’s digital centre of excellence, whose experts are concerned with delivering the best experience for their customers through data, analytics and testing.  

To deliver exceptional digital experiences that attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back, Dell uses the rich qualitative and quantitative data afforded by the advanced integrations between Clicktale and Adobe Analytics, Target and Experience Manager.

The combination of the two platforms means Dell can build audiences and segments in Adobe and combine them with Clicktale’s data-rich visualizations to get a deep understanding of customer behavior.

The two-way data flow allows for analyses that look beyond standard KPIs – like conversion and revenue – and speak to actual customer behavior, how that is being impacted by what is being changed or tested on the site, and link those behaviors to financial performance.

In the video above, Vab Dwivedi, Director of Design Analytics at Dell, also explains how he has seen an increase in the internal usage of the combined data sets available through the Clicktale-Adobe integrations, with more people being able to self-serve and make their own decisions about the data – and better understand how the decisions they’re making are impacting customers and their experiences – in real time.

In a recent webinar hosted by CMSWire, Vab reiterated the rich insights he and his team have seen when using Clicktale and the Adobe suite together:

“By matching the hard data from our analysis with the visualizations, we can remove a lot of the ‘what if…?’ and ‘what about…?’ from the conversation. 100% of the time, nothing goes live without an A/B test. With all of that data being pulled through Clicktale, our analysis of what is working or not is much better informed.”

To hear more real-life examples of how Vab and his team are working with global leaders within the business to drive significant change through smarter, customer-centric decision making, click on the banner below to watch the webinar in full:

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