Hi-Tech geo hot spots around the world

Today, we’re heatmapping for red hot engagement with the hi-tech world. We want to know where exactly do us tech geeks hang out for endless working hours, where do our sparks of genius come alive and benefit modernity for a short while until the next best thing surfaces. These here below are my tech city picks across the globe, but comment below to clue me in on some of your other favorites!


Tokyo, Japan

This is the birth place of hi-tech toilets. Need I write more? Seriously, these TOTOs you won’t find in Kansas, but they are just one example of the constant hi-tech innovation coming out of Japan, including the big names we have come to know and love such as Canon, Panasonic and Sony, among many others.


Although the population is just under four million people, Singapore is impressing the world with its technology innovations, especially in the realm of "urban mobility". A partnership with MIT called SMART for Singapore - MIT Alliance For Research & Technology, facilitates the efficient and effective use of public transportation. For example, taxis as well as buses are able to come on a real-time need basis so you are never left stranded for extended periods of time nor made to feel like you are in a sardine can.


Helsinki, Finland

This relatively quiet city is home to major hi-tech and creative design. Here you can find more cell phones per capita than Japan or America (does Nokia ring a bell?) and 70% of the population uses the internet. AND, Helsinki was heralded as the World Design Capital of the year. From their real-time public transportation system, to hi-tech cafes and new energy sources for heating up homes, Helsinki is creating hi-tech models for all of us to learn from.

North America

Silicon Valley, California

Intel, Google, Apple, Facebook, and hundreds of other household name brands have all come to set up camp in this microchip mega house located in the southern San Francisco Bay Area.

Seattle, Washington

Nobody knows how to make better use of their time staying out of the rain than the Seattleite techie. Being stuck indoors during most of the year due to the constant rainy/gray climate, brings out some major innovation and creativity. In 2009, Seattle’s South Lake Union district became Seattle’s new Hi-Tech hub and has since grown, seeing the likes of Amazon.com develop an 11 building campus six blocks long and many others following in its footsteps.



Middle East

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is the actual city that never sleeps where everyone is busy trying to turn their next big idea into reality. Although hi-tech centers are located throughout the country, Tel Aviv houses more hi-tech start-ups per square mile than any other city in the world. Not too shabby. And it just so happens that Clicktale is right in the middle of all the action :-)





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