Heatmap analytics - the next big thing in visual analytics

We're raising the bar, again.

Today, Clicktale is launching two new heatmap analytics, which are set to revolutionize the way the industry looks at both heatmaps and visual analytics as a whole.

Our new Segmented Heatmaps give site owners the ability to filter Clicktale's full range of visual heatmaps based on any customer information or browsing behavior. With our new Ultra Scale Heatmaps, site owners can view data from as many as 100,000 pageviews in a single graphical report, delivering accurate results at a fraction of the cost of traditional eye-tracking studies.

"The biggest challenge many site owners face is measuring visitor engagement and site usability on a realistic and affordable scale," said Dr. Tal Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of Clicktale. "These new heatmap analytics features reveal unprecedented detail about visitor behavior patterns that can be used to make on-the-fly website changes that improve site usability and conversion rates."

Segmented Heatmaps

The new Segmented Heatmap analytics feature allows businesses to discover exactly how different user groups interact with their website, delivering unparalleled insights into their customers' behavior. These heatmaps can be segmented by any metric desired, for example you can find out:

  • How existing customers behave as opposed to first time shoppers?
  • What did converted customers notice on your site? And why did certain visitors not convert?
  • Do customers who come from a search engine behave differently from those that come from an SEM, email, or any other campaign?
  • What did bounced visitors look at on your homepage? And what can you do to keep them on your site?
  • Does age, gender, location or language impact your customer's browsing behavior?

This level segmentation is available for our full range of heatmap analytics, Mouse Move, Click, Attention and Scroll-Reach. Webmasters now have an unprecedented ability to gain insights into their customers' actual browsing behavior, allowing them to optimize their site's conversion rates and usability like never before.

Understand exactly what your visitors look at on the page, and what they don't
Understand exactly what your visitors look at on the page, and what they don

Ultra-Scale Heatmaps

Clicktale's Ultra Scale Heatmaps aggregate the browsing sessions from as many as 100,000 visitors in a single image, allowing for usability testing on a vast, global scale. And with an 84-88% correlation between our Mouse Move Heatmaps and expensive eye-tracking studies, website owners can now conduct incredibly accurate usability studies on a massive scale, and at a fraction of the cost.

We believe our new Segmented and Ultra-Scale Heatmaps, as well as our full video playback and other behavioral analytics, make Clicktale the perfect complement to your traditional web analytics suite. Sign up today and start learning how to optimize your website based on your customers' actual behavior. Start increasing your conversion rates, minimizing your site abandonment, and maximizing your profits.

*Availability may vary by subscription plan.

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