Gear Up For Winter Online Sales

Hail, sleet, snow, blizzards yes!, this is indeed terrible weather if you have a flight to catch, a dog to walk, or Chinese take-out to deliver. However, if you are an e-tail business, inclement winter weather can potentially translate to successful online sales.

More Consumer Online Spending = More Online Business Spending

As more and more snowed-in and deal savvy shoppers run to their computers instead of the malls, online retailers are paying more attention to their websites. And rightfully so, as sales over the Internet now account for about 10% of all retail sales. And you should too!

Gear Up For More Online Sales This Winter!

Sprucing Up Your Website

Website optimization does not have to break the bank or be so complicated. Free and easy-to-use solutions, as well as other low cost options are available for a small fraction of your marketing budget, big or small. Therefore, instead of expanding your online marketing budget, just reprioritize it.

Web analytics and site search solutions are great tools to experiment with, as they reveal massive amounts of information about your visitors and how they navigate through your site. Wouldn't it be nice to know and not guess which webpage elements are engaging your visitors? What products customers are frequently searching for? How visitors navigate your site and engage with the conversion process? Yes, it would! So try it out and learn exactly how to allocate your marketing budget.

Neiman Marcus Window Display

Work With What You've Got!

A common misconception for many small online businesses is that the amount of products you sell determines the revenue you earn. However, this is simply not true. For example, take in-store marketing. The more attractive and enticing you make the products you already have in your store, either via window dressing or shelving, the more likely shoppers are to pick them up and head to checkout. Likewise, by investing a bit of time and minimal effort in your web design and usability, you can significantly increase your ROI without spending a penny more on your inventory.

Good Design by Lisa Oreshkina

The Impact of Web Design

As Mashable nicely summarizes, your web design, even for a small business, speaks volumes about your product and your company culture. Just as the clothes make the man, your design makes your website. What your customers see on your landing pages is what they expect from your products. Therefore, implement a web design that enhances your company name and products amongst your visitors.

Taking Control of Your Website

You cannot control the weather, but you can take hold of your website. Improve your web design, attract more customers and better your bottom-line.

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