GDPR: Protecting Your Data

On May 25th, data privacy in Europe will be reinforced by a new and more robust regulation. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will help consumers to understand when their data is collected, where it’s being processed and how it’s being used and stored. 

At Clicktale, we’ve been working to establish GDPR compliance and maximize consumer privacy, without compromising on our customers’ ability to deliver exceptional digital experiences or the value of our platform.

We do this through our ‘privacy by design’ and ‘privacy by default’ approach. The majority of personal information online has zero relevance to the customer experience, and as such, is not worth collecting or storing. Clicktale’s goal is to ensure that our clients can improve their customer experiences without capturing, storing or processing such sensitive information.

In line with this is our commitment to maximizing transparency and security across every aspect of data processing and collection. Our platform is certified as compliant with the most widely accepted security standards in the world. Now, we are applying that same stringent approach to our compliance with GDPR.

Clicktale has always had a privacy-first philosophy. As such we embrace the changes that the GDPR brings and are here to assist our customers to meet their needs in their own compliance efforts. 

Working collaboratively with our partners and customers to prepare for GDPR, we intend to help brands transform their customers digital experiences while still respecting the data rights of the individual. It is this goal that underpins everything we do.

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