Four simple steps to boost conversions by 30%

Cyber-Duck helped OptimaSystems get incredible results in just 10 days!

Optima Systems is the UK's leading office partitioning specialist, offering quality service and innovative design. They approached, an award-winning London based digital agency, and asked them to help improve their conversion rates. They expected great results, but even they were amazed at the improvements!

"Clicktale was the obvious tool for the job," said Lefteris Grammatas from Cyber-Duck "I am an active member on the Web Analytics Association and I follow many analytics mailing lists, groups and analytics experts' blogs. We often use Google Analytics with Clicktale as they complement each other perfectly."


Cyber-Duck used Clicktale's qualitative reports in conjunction with Google Analytics' quantitative statistics to create a complete overview of what was happening on their website.

"Below are the four steps we took to get a massive increase in conversion rates:

  1. Business Scope: Using Google Analytics and our customer feedback we identified the key pages and key visitor behaviors that we wanted to review and optimize with Clicktale.
  2. Traffic Data: For every key page selected we measured its characteristics, including Attention Time, Bounce Rate, Visitor Type and which pages the users visited before and after. By doing this we provided an appropriate context to review the Clicktale reports.
  3. Clicktale Data: Next, we moved to Clicktale to review the heatmap analysis and quantify how visitors were using the page in terms of Scrolling, Clicking, and Hovers. We also used some of Clicktale's more sophisticated tools such as the Advanced Filtering and Link Analytics' Hover Conversion rate.
  4. Behavioral Data: Having these three layers of information available meant we were able to concentrate on specific issues during our observational analysis. By doing so we managed to understand users' behaviors and trends very quickly, and came up with several actionable suggestions."


Lefteris explains:

"We followed the above methodology and identified that many visitors were undertaking the following conversion path to register:

As the product page is a vital part of the conversion path, we scrutinized these pages using the Clicktale search tool. After watching just a few individual videos, we found that visitors were losing their way inside this page. These findings were then reinforced by looking at the Mouse Move Heatmaps. Improving customer flow within the product page therefore became our key objective.

This is how the page looked before:

We achieved this by making two simple changes to the page design:

  • First we cleared up the top and sidebars. We removed unnecessary links and simplified the image.
  • Second, we emphasized the flow by highlighting the expandable areas of the page and replacing the arrows.

Watching videos of our homepage exposed two additional facts about our visitors' behavior. First, visitors coming from Organic Traffic preferred to click on 'textual' links than on navigational elements or banners. And second, most of our "non-purchasing" traffic came to our site to download guides and whitepapers.

Using this evidence we made a hypothesis that if we made our PDF downloads available from our homepage via 'textual' links, and required users to register with us before they could download, we would see a massive boost in registrations.

Once we were happy with the performance of the "Downloads" box, we implemented the change throughout the rest of the site, including the new product pages.


Within just 10 days, our new layout was a clear winner! Our conversion rate had jumped by 30% and our bounce rate had dropped by 9%. What's more, the visitor time on site had increased by 26% and the number of pages viewed by each visitor had increased by 19%. "We would never have been able to see such incredible results in so little time if it wasn't for Clicktale," Lefteris concluded.

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