Finer form analytics with segmentation

We are happy to announce the addition of our segmentation feature to the Clicktale Form Analytics Suite.

Previously exclusive to our Visual Heatmaps, Segmentation enables online businesses to optimize their website according to the specific browsing behavior of different user groups. Filling out a web form is usually a key step in the conversion process of every website and, now, that process can be optimized even more. Businesses can segment out the various behavioral patterns to to obtain form analytics and identify what's preventing different visitor types from successfully completing online forms.

Your website visitors have a wide variety of objectives, and experience your website in many different ways. A web form that may seem easy to fill and clear to interpret for one visitor may seem complicated and confusing to another.


The Clicktale Form Analytics Suite is dedicated entirely to improving your online forms' performance, ensuring that more visitors are able to easily and effectively complete your forms. The Clicktale Form Analytics Suite is composed of five reports: the Conversion Report, Drop Report, Time Report, Blank Field Report, and Refill Report. These reports reveal which fields on your forms take too long to fill, are most frequently left blank, and cause your visitors to leave.

The new Segmented Form Analytics enables you to differentiate between multiple user groups and the way in which they interact with your forms. So no matter which Form Analytics report you are exploring, you can distinguish between many types of users, including:

  • Visitors of different screen sizes and fold heights
  • Visitors from different locations and who speak different languages
  • Existing customers vs. first time visitors
  • Converted customers vs. abandoned visitors
  • Organic Search Engine generated traffic vs. a paid search, email, or any other campaign traffic
  • And many more:


Let's take a few examples:

Suppose you wanted to evaluate the conversion process of one of your forms written in English. You know that you have a high amount of international visitors, but you do not know how well your web form performs in each international country. Using Segmentation, you can choose to track only US customers and then compare this report to one tracking only Spanish customers, French customers, or any country you wish to monitor. With the Blank Field report, you may find out that one field is too confusing to fill in for international visitors speaking a language besides English, or that one field does not apply outside of the US. Once you begin encountering discoveries such as these, you can then optimize your form in ways that inevitably facilitate the user experience and increase your conversion rates.

Even successfully converting forms can benefit greatly from Segmented Form Analytics. If you have a high form conversion rate, it would be valuable to know why that small percentage of visitors still abandons your form. Perhaps there is a form element that could be enhanced and would cause these visitors to convert as well? Maybe these visitors are being sent from a specific email campaign that receives Java Script errors and for that reason they do not convert? With Segmentation you are able to instantly check and change your form to reflect what you find out. Your list of why's and what if's becomes smaller, and your chances of higher conversions only gets better.

So sign up today and start using Segmentation to learn how to optimize your web forms based on your customers' varied online behavior.

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