Export Clicktale’s visitor data into your website reports

eBusinesses employing Clicktale’s Customer Experience Analytics Suite can now export unique visitor behavioral reports and analyze all data in any reporting system!

What does Clicktale’s exportable data mean for your business?

Clicktale technology stands alone as the leading analytics provider to give you all in-page behavioral data about your customers including mouse moves, clicks, scrolls, attention time, and page transitions. And now all Clicktale customers are able to export this qualitative visitor behavioral data as a convenient data table for integration into their in-house reporting services.

This means that any business metric regarding online behavior, be it the amounts of time visitors engage with your webpages, the number of visitors that only watch half way through a video, visitors who scroll a certain percentage down the page, etc. can be exported and converted into statistics. Now you can include how visitors used your site in your regular data reports in addition to simply how many, as well as other website metrics. These can all be emailed or printed as needed.

What can Clicktale’s Statistics tell you?

Clicktale’s Advanced Filtering feature offers over 23 different and customizable filters to easily build visitor segments/profiles you need to track. In addition, exported reports include an anonymous ID for each visitor which you can use to save groups of visitors you want to keep track of over time.

Here are just some examples of using Clicktale’s exportable reports:

  • Profile visitors from a specific marketing campaign (find average fold height, scrolling distance, referrers for subsequent visits, mouse clicks, top entry and exit pages, etc.)
  • Create a cohort with Visitor Id’s to track the behavior of a group of specific visitors over time.
  • Use Events API to see which specific site elements visitors interact with and how often. This is particularly beneficial to find out what influences purchasers or other browsing segments such as lurkers, researchers, etc.
  • Base Heatmaps and Form Analytics on specific profiles using Visitor Id’s, see how visitors from a campaign behaved on different pages of your site over time
  • Apply any combination of over 23 different filters such as country, language, traffic source, fold height, and visited pages to build your segments.

Exportable Reports Available to All Clicktale Customers

Clicktale exportable reports are available to all customers. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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