Enhance form conversion using fewer fields (case study)

A few words about Shakenkan

Shakenkan is a chain of garages based in and around Tokyo that specializes in helping car-owners to pass the mandatory car inspection every two years. Shakenkan has traditionally distributed thousands of paper flyers, but have found that this technique is not very cost effective. Their strategy has therefore gone more online where the goal of the website is to generate reservations.

Challenge and Strategy

Principle Co. were tasked with increasing the conversion rates of visitors making a reservation at their local Shakenkan garage. There were three main areas of the site where they used Clicktale in order to increase conversion:

  1. Driving Visitors from the Homepage down the Conversion Funnel - The homepage is the most popular landing page with 34% of visitors landing there. What do visitors look for when they first arrive on the website?
  2. High Abandonment Rate on the Pricing Page – The price chart page is the most viewed page on the site. Many customers are price sensitive and Shakenkan is conscious that they are not the cheapest available on the market. Visitors are always going to check the pricing page so what more can be done to ensure that visitors don’t abandon the site after checking the pricing?
  3. Low Form Completion Rate – A disappointing 20.32% of visitors who reach the reservation form actually go ahead and complete it. What can be done to ensure that a higher percentage successfully complete the reservation?


Analysis and findings 

Removing Two Steps of the Funnel by Optimizing the Homepage Clicktale’s Mouse Move Heatmap and Click Heatmap showed that of all the content on the homepage, visitors were most interested in finding information on the location of the garages. They were therefore searching for a link to the garage information page. Since customers have to bring their cars to the garage, it made sense that the location is one of the most important pieces of information for visitors.

To address this need, rather than forcing visitors to click through to another page, they decided to include a map on the homepage. The map also included pins indicating the location of all the branches with all relevant contact information.

Before the change, visitors had to make at least two clicks before finding this vital information.

Adding a Highly Appealing Call-to-Action on the Pricing Page

The Mouse Move Heatmap of the pricing table shows that there is great interest in the prices. Shakenkan were aware that their prices were not the lowest around so in order to prevent a high abandonment on this page, they needed to divert attention elsewhere. One of the more unique aspects of their offering is that customers can use credit card, which many other competitors do not offer. Realizing that a cashless payment was a Unique Selling Point, they added a large button below the pricing table which says “Shakenkan’s service is Cashless” and leads to the page where detailed information is listed. This way attention was diverted from a weakness to one of their strengths.


Removing Unnecessary Form Fields and Clearly Stating which are Optional


On analyzing their reservation form with Clicktale Form Analytics, they revealed that a massive 66% left the form without interacting with it at all. They concluded from this that the form was so long that it was an immediate turn-off for potential customers.

Furthermore, according to Clicktale’s Drop Report, the fields which visitors were more reluctant to fill were related to specifying a time to bring the car to the garage. Not everyone knew the answer and many were therefore abandoning the form as a result.

All unnecessary fields were removed, which immediately reduced the number of fields from 18 to 11. In addition, for questions related to specifying the time to bring the car to the garage, they added the message in red letters stating “You don’t have to fill this out if you don’t know”.

The Results


The addition of the interactive map on the homepage, cut out two steps of the funnel, and increased the conversion rate by 88.2%.

After emphasizing the cashless payment method on the pricing page, abandonment was significantly reduced and conversion rates from the pricing page increased by 23.45%.

The reservation form completion rates increased by 71.1% by removing seven fields and more clearly stating when a field was optional.

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