Discover your customers' digital body language

Despite the digital progress that has been made over the past 20 years — from advances in e-commerce to the growing sophistication of marketing technology - website performance metrics have remained largely unchanged for two decades.

The fact that conversion rate has remained static at 3% at best for 20 years should be enough of an indicator that this is the wrong metric to focus on. KPIs should have evolved in the same way as digital channels, customer behavior, shopping trends and habits. But, businesses keep measuring, tracking and obsessing over conversion because it’s simple.

The problem is that conversion tells us very little about our customers’ true digital experience. And understanding your customers’ digital experience has never been more important. There is a clear and powerful relationship between experience and revenue, to the point that experience is now the most important brand differentiator and business value driver.

It’s critical that we start thinking about conversion as a journey, and not as a single action. Only then can we identify goals and work out if our visitors’ experiences match these goals. If they do, we can start to analyze our customer’s digital body language throughout their journey, to get a holistic view of their experience and find the areas that need improvement.

The key to finally pushing that conversion rate up from 3% is to think of experience as a currency. The better the experience we deliver to our customers, the more likely they are to purchase from us, be it online or in store.

Our new guide ‘Discover Digital Body Language’ answers the critical questions to enable you to deliver exceptional experiences and a competitive edge. Find out:

  • Why digital body language is the standard for the next wave of e-commerce
  • How conversion is a journey influenced by experience
  • How you can understand and interpret people’s behavior, mindset and intent as they shop and browse online
  • The five mindsets of visitor behavioral patterns
  • How mindsets correlate with conversion
  • How to make the most of every digital interaction
  • How digital body language can deliver true business value and ROI

Download our ‘Discover Digital Body Language’ guide and start delivering state-of-the-art customer experiences across your digital assets today.

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