Conversion rate experts choose and use Clicktale

Conversion Rate Experts, the gurus of maximizing online profitability, have selected Clicktale as one of the top 14 free tools that reveal why people abandon your website.

Conversion Rate Experts (we like to call them the "Gurus" :) ) specialize in turning your average e-commerce website into a money-making machine by generating phenomenal increases in profitability. Turns out that Clicktale is a big part of their secret sauce.

The "Gurus" have been using Clicktale for over 2 years and have included Clicktale as part of their methodology and consulting practice. Here is a quick preview of the process as we understand it:

Step 1: Watch Clicktale videos of visitors to identify where potential problem areas are on your website. There are lots of problems to look out for, here is a sampling:

  1. Least active pages, where visitors are just bouncing away without doing much.
  2. Poorly scrolled pages, where visitors don't scroll below the fold.
  3. Areas where visitors are clicking on unclickable objects.
  4. Dead-end pages, where visitors do not find what they were looking for and quickly back out.
  5. Boring content that does not engage your visitor.

Step 2: Once they identify the problems, the Conversion Rate Experts make massive changes to the website, re-routing traffic and creating new processes from scratch.

Step 3: Use multivariate optimization and other analytics tools to further increase conversions.

Step 4: Watch more Clicktale videos to make sure the major problem areas were fixed and find areas where performance can be further maximized.

Step 5: Go back to step 1 and watch more Clicktale videos.

In a follow-up article, we will interview the folks at Conversion Rate Experts and provide more details about just how they use Clicktale to achieve extraordinary profitability for their clients.

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