Conversion funnels done right!

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Clicktale Conversion Funnels, helping thousands of online businesses become more profitable.

Conversion Funnels are used by businesses to monitor and optimize the performance of critical online processes. Website visitors go through these processes frequently, when checking out from an online store, smallbooking a flight, or signing up for a newsletter, just to name a few. By applying the Clicktale Conversion Funnels, businesses can make these web experiences more successful, maximizing conversion rates and websites' ROI.

Our revolutionary Conversion Funnels visually display the paths visitors take through a website, revealing how they successfully convert and where lost customers drop out. You learn which pages produce the highest conversion rates, and which cause the highest abandonment.

The way Conversion Funnels should be done

Unlike existing funnel reports which often require an expert to set up and are complex to use, the Clicktale Conversion Funnels have a friendly interface that handles the complexities of funnels for you, so you can get down to business!

Conversion Funnels join our suite of Customer Experience Analytics, including heatmaps, session playback, Form Analytics and more. The unique benefits of the Clicktale Conversion Funnels include:

  • No Setup Required - The funnels are calculated using previously collected data and your default funnel is automatically generated. All you need to do is log in!
  • No More Waiting - Unlike other funnel reports which can take days or even weeks to produce results, the Clicktale Conversion Funnels are calculated as soon as they are created and recalculated immediately with any change.
  • Fully Customizable - Test any of your conversion processes by editing, adding or deleting any funnel step on the fly.
  • Discover Paths - Map out the most popular paths visitors use to navigate through your website by regenerating the entire funnel based on different starting pages.
Click on the above image to see the full Conversion Funnel
An example of a Clicktale Conversion Funnel. Click on image to enlarge.

Stay Tuned...

"The fun is just getting started here at Clicktale!" said Dr. Tal Schwartz, CEO of Clicktale. "Over the course of the next few months, we'll be enhancing our funnels and giving you even more tools to maximize your website's ROI. So be sure to stay tuned for more!"

The new Clicktale Conversion Funnels are live today, so you can login to your account now to see them in action. The Conversion Funnels are available to all our customers, even on our free plan*!

If you are not already a Clicktale customer, Sign up to optimize your website based on your customers' actual behavior and start having fun with Conversion Funnels today!

*Terms and services have changed since the publication of this article.

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