Combining VoC data with experience analytics to give a full understanding of customer pain points

Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and knowing whether they are having positive or negative interactions with our brands is key to providing the best digital experiences. And how better to do that than by asking them directly...right?

Voice of Customer (VoC) data provides often invaluable insight into what a customer is thinking at a particular time. But imagine the power of combining that information with a visualization, or even a recording, of that customer’s (and others’) exact experience.

Integration with VoC

At Clicktale, we have advanced integrations with a number of VoC solutions, and in this blog I will focus specifically on two powerful use cases for using Clicktale to enrich the data you can get from those solutions, making consumer feedback come alive by understanding what's happened in their web and mobile sessions. 

The two-way integration between Clicktale and a VoC solution makes it easy to uncover the digital body language behind customer feedback data. For example, you could access replays in a single click from any survey submission. You could also search by form filled, form type, unique user ID, or satisfaction rating to find the replays you need to see. 

How brands use VoC data

Let’s see how this plays out. For example, an ecommerce company is leveraging aggregated data from their off-the-shelf analytics platform to make decisions. But, they need more. They need to be able to uncover their customers’ pain points – where there is friction and why they are behaving the way they do during the website or mobile experience.

At the same time, this company is undergoing a similar process in trying to find a scalable way to get more detailed, individualized, behavioral information about customers, without relying exclusively on surveys and qualitative research.

With their VoC integration, they can meet their objectives and arrive at unprecedented depth of insight that benefits the whole business. For example, they can look at visitors’ behaviors and in-page experiences to pinpoint specific website and mobile engagements that cause customer struggle and act faster to close the loop with the customer.

And the benefit is not only realized by the company, it also greatly impacts the overall experience of its customers.

Turn feedback into actionable insights

So, how does it work? First, feedback is received through the VoC solution. Yet, as is the case with most brands, sometimes the feedback is positive, sometimes negative. And, it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to gauge the significance of such feedback in cases when a particular score is provided (whether positive or negative) with no written feedback to shed light on the why.

So, when integrated with Clicktale, the session recording associated with that exact user experience can be accessed. This helps analysts, marketers, and other organizational stakeholders to fill in the gaps and get a better picture of the customer struggle. This information can then be leveraged for implementing the changes required to not only improve the experience for the customer, but to impact conversions and revenues.

Taking the integration into a live environment

Another interesting use case for this integration is the use of a live feedback loop. Namely, when a customer phones the helpline and reports an issue with the website, the customer service agent can watch the customer’s most recent online session in real time, as they discuss the very issue.

This can be extremely beneficial since, many consumers on ecommerce sites may not always know how to answer some of the technical questions they will be asked in the effort to provide a resolution. Accordingly, through their VoC integration, the company can collect information such as browser version alongside the session recording from Clicktale. 

These kinds of insights provide organizations a much more complete and data-driven understanding of the issue, enabling them make decisions faster and to develop a targeted solution.

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