Clicktale's new customer experience dashboard goes live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Clicktale Customer Experience Dashboard, a sleek new user interface putting the full power of the Clicktale feature set right at your fingertips. Now our users have one-click access to revolutionary heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analytics and real-time traffic monitoring, giving them even more timely insights into their visitors' online behavior.


Our new Dashboard is a totally refreshed, sleek user interface, built from the ground up on actual customer experience to give the end-user quick access to all of the most critical website metrics. We've used our own tool to find out exactly what our users want to get out of Clicktale, and made it easier than ever to view complete site performance metrics all from a single page, with drill-down access to more detailed analytics.

The customer experience dashboard currently includes a snapshot of six analytics modules, including:




The Customer Experience Dashboard provides instant access to Clicktale's comprehensive visual heatmaps, aggregating thousands of visitors' browsing sessions into a clear and easy-to-use report. In a matter of moments you can see exactly where visitors look, where they click, what content they pay attention to and how far down they scroll.

Visitor Recordings



See absolutely everything visitors do on your webpage in just a few clicks. Watch recordings of your visitors' full browsing sessions to discover exactly how they use your site, or find specific videos of visitors who abandoned your shopping cart, experienced errors, or could not find what they are looking for.

Site Monitor


This module reveals vital statistics on page engagement times, load times, click metrics, errors and scroll rates to help analyze both your entire website and individual page performance.

Form Analytics



Get a quick, performance overview of your most popular form, with instant access to conversion rates, completion times and error reports. Access the full Form Analytics drill-down information in a single click, to find out exactly what fields were left blank, where customers dropped out, and how many visitors tried to convert but couldn't.

Visitor Geo-location



Get an instant view of user metrics by country, with the ability to click on any area to view visitor recordings of users from that region. Easily compare user behavior across geographic areas.

Real-Time monitor


Watch visitors browsing your site in real time. Now, Clicktal'es incredible usability testing and page optimization results are available in seconds, rather than hours or days as with traditional web analytics. Be able to make instant decisions, on-the-fly changes and site improvements.

The new Customer Experience Dashboard is live today, so you can login to your account now to see it in action. If you're not yet a Clicktale customer, sign up today and start optimizing your website based on your visitors' actual browsing behavior.

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