Clicktale’s top 5 favorite infographics (so far)

By Shara Matalon, Project Manager at Clicktale

Ever since opening our Pinterest account, we’ve been kvelling over the stunning infographics we’re finding.

Below is a list of our favorite infographics that we’ve found and pinned so far.

5. Social vs. Search

Social vs Search Infographic

Aside from the fab Mexican wrestler theme, this eye-catching infographic is quite insightful in its comparison of Social Media vs. Search Marketing. In assessing the productivity of each individually for different tasks (lead generation, brand awareness, business visibility and interactivity), the overall proven outcome is that Social Media and Search Marketing work best hand-in hand.

 4. The Startup Ecosystem

4 startup ecosystem

Infused with plenty of comedic value, The Startup Ecosystem walks viewers through the varying roles involved in creating a startup company.

3. Social Commerce

3 social commerce psychology

With a style similar to that of dolla dolla bills, this infographic gives basic examples of how consumers can easily be persuaded using simple marketing psychology tactics.

Some key points to focus on:

  • 50% of shoppers make purchases based on social media recommendations.
  • 77% of shoppers use reviews to make decisions.

2. The History of Marketing

2 history of marketing

This infographic has some really fun information regarding the evolution of modern day technology.

1. Mobile Marketing: What’s with the Attitudes?

1 Mobile

This short and sweet infographic gives insights on consumers’ perspectives towards mobile marketing.

Key points:

  • 85% of consumers would prefer to be contacted via SMS.
  • Adverts should not be sent more than twice a month.

Honorable Mention: Local Search

going local

This is a great length for an infographic, and I love the streamlined look of the 3 colors used. The graphics are modern and simple, and help to easily present the information.

Key points:

  • Local search growth is being driven by better targeting, increased mobile usage (77.1 million mobile subscribers use local content) and improved product integration.
  • Users often notice images/logos more.





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