Clicktale’s technology stack: Our core tenets

A cutting-edge technology stack is critical for any enterprise digital marketing or analytics solution. Since Clicktale’s inception in 2006, we’ve gone through several evolutions in every aspect of the business. Our ability to adapt and innovate keeps us several steps ahead of what the market needs, ensuring our leadership position.

Though not every company touts the backend technologies it utilizes, we view our technology stack as one of our key differentiators, and we’re always proud to talk about it.

Clicktale customers include some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies. The goal of any provider building a platform today ought to be maximum performance and scalability at minimum cost. Something that’s robust enough for enterprise customers whose number of unique monthly visitors can reach in the tens or hundreds of millions. At Clicktale, with over a decade of experience serving some of the world’s most heavily trafficked sites, we knew that our customers would settle for nothing less.

When I think of the core tenets driving our technology stack, it boils down to six things: scalability, a robust architecture, deep technology partnerships, integrations, security, and the ability to be cloud-agnostic.


Think of how many millisecond-level interactions happen on the digital properties of these leading brands. To help our customers understand their visitors’ behavior, we capture every hover, mouse move, click, tap and zoom – that’s trillions of interactions per day and requires a lot of processing power!

We’ve already surpassed the threshold of storing a petabyte of data, and our data pipelines can process over 10 terabytes of data an hour. We’ve built our architecture so that we can ramp that up at any time. Each request encapsulates many interactions (hovers, clicks, etc.) handled within tight SLAs. We’re capable of ingesting and serving data for customers scaling to over 3 billion monthly unique page views, with a retention of 13 months, with a 99% query SLA of under four seconds.

Robust architecture:

Another important criterion for an Experience Analytics platform is its ability to scale up during peak times, such as Black Friday weekend for an e-commerce site, or vacation times for a travel site. The largest e-commerce retailers create situation rooms for these peak times. But in the off-season, there’s no need to devote the same amount of resources. Our proprietary methodologies have evolved over the last 12 years to handle any modifications required in our architecture, specifically for large, unpredictable workloads, seasonal traffic-growth and immense surges.

Our system knows how to adjust itself to accommodate these huge bursts of traffic in a completely automated and immediate way. In addition, all of this has been developed in the most cost-effective way possible, fine-tuned to quickly scale up or down based on our vast production experience with high workloads. We achieve this with a true multi-tenant environment that uses only the basic building blocks of the AWS cloud (and thus not relying on expensive managed services). 

On the front-end, we use an architectural pattern called “micro-frontends” that enables us to combine within our user interface the most up-to-date client-side frameworks, without the need to rewrite the code. In addition, by using this pattern, we can run multiple, different frameworks running side-by-side.

Deep technological partnerships and cutting-edge technology stack:

At Clicktale, we also stand on the tall shoulders of its infrastructure providers and best-of-breed systems for Big Data, analytics, processing, streaming and more. We’re proud to work with the leading infrastructure providers for our system, including Amazon Web Services, Aerospike, LightBend and others. And for our technology stack, we utilize Vertica and Hadoop for saving the analytics data and enabling ad hoc analytics services; Spark for stream computing and running algorithms that analyze our behavioral data; Spray, Aerospike and Kafka for handling large volumes of our clients’ data; and Angular, React, NodeJS and MongoDB on our application layers.


Clicktale has a very high number of active integrations (over 40) with vendors of other marketing technology software, such as analytics, Voice of Customer, A/B Testing, Business Intelligence and more. Each integration has required the platform to be modeled in a way that can accommodate different concepts of data representation, scale, trust and more.


Our product was built with security and privacy in mind from day one. We employ the highest standards in our security architecture and technology patterns. For over a decade, we have been adjusting our platform to the growing security requirements of leading global enterprises in financial services and other fields. We conduct multiple security audits and penetration tests each year. As an example, we only needed a negligible amount of R&D work to become GDPR compliant.

Cloud agnostic:

Lastly, Clicktale is not locked in to any one vendor and can easily switch some parts of the system or the entire system to different providers.


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