Clicktale partners with Unbounce for better, faster, IT-free landing pages

How important are landing pages? Simple answer: very.

That wouldn’t make an interesting blog post, so now for the longer answer. Landing pages are critical for any promotion but especially so for paid marketing where a measured ROI is essential to your success. Your homepage is often designed to be a generic entry point to your brand and business, rendering the ability for a potential customer to find your intended conversion path very unlikely.

Today we would like to announce our partnership with Unbounce. Unbounce is a fast and powerful DIY landing page platform, that lets you create, publish and optimize landing pages without IT.

ClickTale and Unbounce
Easily track behavior on Unbounce landing pages with Clicktale

And best of all, you can easily drop your Clicktale tracking code into the page so that you can watch user session replay and analyze heatmaps of exactly how your visitors are behaving inside the landing page. With that insight, you can immediately see what needs to be improved and make the necessary changes in seconds to boost your conversion.

The goal of Unbounce is to facilitate a simpler and more streamlined marketing workflow so your marketing team can focus on creating, publishing and measuring your campaigns without the usual bottleneck and delays associated with working with IT or software development.

The good people at Unbounce are offering Clicktale customers a great offer to get you started. Start a 30 day no-risk free trial now or get 50% off any plan for 3 months with code "clicktale503".

So what are you waiting for? Time to build and optimize more effective landing pages.

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