Clicktale on Yahoo! Store pages

Record everything your customers do inside your Yahoo! Store pages with our clean and simple integration

We are happy to announce that we now fully support recording visitors inside Yahoo! Stores, both in the store front and checkout pages enabling ebusinesses to undergo ecommerce conversion optimization. Clicktale subscribers can now take advantage of our Industry leading Customer Experience Analytics on the world's most popular E-commerce platform.

Now you can watch videos of your customers' actual browsing sessions inside your Yahoo! Store to learn and perform ecommerce conversion optimization. See your site through the eyes of your customers by watching their every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke. It's as if you were looking over their shoulder!


With our new integration you can make the most of all the powerful features of Clicktale, such as our heatmaps and behavioral reports, within your Yahoo! Store pages for ecommerce conversion optimization purposes. These include our Mouse Click Heatmaps, which show you exactly where your visitors are clicking and our Attention and Scroll-Reach Heatmaps, which show you how visitors scroll, where they focus their attention and what content they skip over. It even works with our Form Analytics, which reveal how visitors use your online forms, and enables you to maximize your store's conversion rates.

The Clicktale analytics suite works flawlessly alongside your existing Yahoo Web Analytics, or any other analytics service. It has no perceivable effect on page load times, and by providing both quantitative and qualitative data, is the perfect complement to your traditional web analytics software.


This powerful integration is exceptionally easy to use, and can be setup within minutes. To record your store pages, all you have to do is generate the Clicktale Tracking Code inside your Clicktale account, copy the top code into the "Head-tags" field in your Yahoo! Store, and the bottom code into your "Final-text" field. That's it! We'll begin tracking your visitors right away.

Recording the secure checkout pages is just as easy. However, as it requires HTTPS and SSL, it is only available on our paid plans. For security reasons, no Personal Identifiably Information (PII) or Cardholder Data (CDI) is captured within these pages, but we still catch every mouse move, click, scroll and hover. Paid Clicktale subscribers should follow these instructions to record their checkout pages, while free customers first need to upgrade their account.

Our powerful and flexible tools will enable you to perform ecommerce conversion optimization and get the most out of your Yahoo! Store, or any website, by increasing conversion rates, minimizing abandonment, and maximizing profits. So sign up today and start learning how to optimize your website based on your customers' actual behavior.

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